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No description

Tania Pereira

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of THE MARY BELL CASE

We did murder Martain Brown fuck of you bastard
Another of Mary Bell's quotes...
Why is she guilty/morally responsible?
Why is she guilty/morally responsible?
She was of a morally responsible age.

During the trial Mary Bell denied all allegations.

She was known to not understand/have emotions, yet during the trial she showed emotion towards a pigeon.
She disliked what her mother and father were doing.

She wanted to have power over a person.
Tuesday, December 17, 1968
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What happened?
Case Summary
To Conclude
In 1968, Mary Flora Bell strangled to death two little boys in Scotswood, an inner-city suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne. She was convicted in December 1968, at the age of 11, of the manslaughter of the two boys, Martin Brown (aged 4) and Brian Howe (aged 3). A friend of Mary Bell (Norma Bell) took part in the death of the second child, Brian Howe. The two also took part in vandalising a nursery and had left notes that claimed responsibility for the killing. In August 1968 the two girls were charged with two counts of manslaughter. On 17 December 1968, at Newcastle Assizes, Norma Bell was acquitted but Mary Bell was convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. The court appointed psychiatrist described her as displaying "classic symptoms of psychopathy”. She was sentenced to be detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure.
Mary Bell
morally responsible.
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