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Edvard Munch

No description

Micah Egana

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch
Mephistopheles II. Split Personality Interpretation Micah Egana
Courtney Justice
Whitney Hayes
Chris Addington
Patrick Moore mostly warm colors with some cool and neutral
man walking with a "shadow" of himself
everyone looking at the man
group of black figures off to the side
more use of straight lines than curved ones
man with shadow is more focused because everyone else is behind him
cool colors for sky and colors get warmer as painting goes down
puddle in lower righthand corner
more housing and trees as street gets farther back
green is used to outline some of the objects Description Art Elements

Color= The colors are very warm, except the people in the right corner who are all in black. Also the man and woman standing behind the man and his shadow are very dark
Line= Things that are manmade like the houses have more straight lines while the nature and people are a lot more flowing.
Shape= The people in the back have a freeflowing shape while the man in the front and the houses do not.
Form= The buildings have a 3 dimensional look while most of the people seem very flat and 2 dimensional.
Space= There is a lot of positive space, the foreground and background include many people.
Texture=There is a very smooth texture and it flows well from one object to the next. Analysis PRINCIPLES OF ART/DESIGN
Unity-The use of primarily warm colors and consistent brush strokes and the way everything in the painting is fairly close together give this painting its unity

Balance- There is a relatively small amount of negative space and so the painting looks balanced although the figures off to the right side do somewhat disrupt this balance by being the darkest point of the entire painting
Contrast- There is contrast between the sky and the rest of the painting since the sky is made of cool colors and the rest are mostly warm color, there is also contrast with the black figures because they are the darkest point in the painting and again with the white black and yellow streak in the bottom right hand corner

Emphasis- The man in the red suit appears to be the point of emphasis, he is the most detailed figure and he appears to be closest to us plus the bright color of his suit contrasted with the dark woman behind him also makes him stand out

Movement- There is not a fluid movement when looking at this painting, your eyes tend to roam in all directions rather than in a certain path and most people will probably tell you their eyes moved around the painting different than someone else’s

Rhythm- Rhythm is disrupted by the contrast between warm and cool colors and the opposing shapes of different figures such as the sky to the ground and buildings or the man in the suit to the black figures giving this painting an unsteady rhythm

Proportion-Everything is in proportion there is no object that is outstandingly bigger or smaller than those around it, and the same goes for the shapes as well Analysis "Split Personality" is a depiction of the division of the life we live and our true self.

Also delves into the role of religion in how we act in society vs. how we are at alone.
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