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Excel Club

No description

National Exchange Club

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Excel Club

Excel Today, Succeed Tomorrow
Fact: There are 254 new Excel members this year
Fact: 9 out of 19 or 47% new clubs built this year were Excel or Junior Excel Clubs
Ohio, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, Michigan and Texas were the sites for all the Excel Clubs built this year
What's stopping you?
Does your club conduct the Youth of the Month or Accepting the Challenge of Excellence projects?
Do you have any faculty of staff from the local schools in your club?
Do any of your members have children in local schools?
Has your club dedicated a freedom shrine to a local school?
There is nothing stopping your club from sponsoring an Excel Club
An Excel Club is made up of students in grades 9-12.
A Junior Excel Club is made up of students in grades 6-8.
How do students gain?
Student Leaders
Service Learning
Civic Minded
Volunteer Credit Hours
Working in Diverse Groups
Reinforces Face to Face Communication

xchanging Ideas
citing Opportunities
ommunity Involvement

Step 1: Get school administration involved
Step 2: Set up an initial meeting time and place
Step 3: Recruit a key student who will get his/her friends to join
Step 4: Make an exciting presentation at an assembly, orientation or school function
Step 5: Be a sponsor, serve food and recruit at a fair, picnic, or sporting event

Action Plan:
Download information from National
Identify a school for an Excel Club
Get approval from administration (letter)
Get a school advisor to work with you
2 club members to mentor (parent)
Recruit 15 students
POM with club officers
Get parents involved
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