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No description

Jess Ireland

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of HRM

Staff Turnover Turnover is the rate at which people leave a company and new staff are retained. All aspects of human resources manages are integrated with staff turnover. The turnover rate is calculated by dividing the number of staff who have left the organistion by the total number of staff and multiplying it by 100. Interview Training Development Turnover NATHAN JESSICA Only Traditional questions asked in the interview. "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" Asking only traditional questions will not show the employer how the individual deals with certain situations. Traditional questions are only useful at the start of an interview to calm any nerves. Traditional, Situational and Behavioural questions asked in the interview. Behavioural questions are very effective as they provide a past experience where the interviewee had to solve a problem. Situation- Result- "What is the situation/issue/problem?"
"What action did you take? How did you respond?"
"What was the outcome? What happened in the end?" Action- Crowne Plaza Newcastle bases their interview questions on key soft skills and characteristics which are ideal for applicants to have in order to perform the roles and responsibilities of the job. Recruitment and Selection Staffing Plan Competency chart Job Analysis Job Description NATHAN JESSICA On-board induction training ensuring staff have knowledge of the Crowne Plaza brand, their role and responsibilities and what is expected of them at work. '10-minute trainers' are distributed to staff as refreshers regarding safety, company brand and product information. Online E-Learning programs are available providing staff with the opportunity to further their knowledge of the industry A buddy program is adopted to make sure that new staff have assistance from experienced team members in their first 2 weeks Limited induction training No product knowledge or information provided Worked independently immediately after a short induction session NATHAN JESSICA Performance appraisals are conducted after the 90 day probationary period, then every 6-12 months thereafter From a performance appraisal, a Personal Development Plan can be created to map out any improvements that need to be made as well as make management aware of where staff want to end up within the company Celebrate Difference Aim Higher Work Better Together Do the Right Thing Show We Care Winning Ways No career development programs Without career development Jessica feels unmotivated NATHAN JESSICA The Crowne Plaza Newcastle monitors their turnover rate by reviewing the movement of staff between departments, other IHG hotels and those who leave the company, on a monthly basis Hotel 1Star has a high turnover rate Low staff morale Bad company culture Wasting money on recruiting and training new staff After one year Jessica left her job as she began to feel very unmotivated and noticed that Hotel 1Star had limiting career development opportunities Nathan found that working in an environment which supported his learning and aspiration of developing his career was a great place to be and after one year was trained and promoted in a team leader position Result Crowne Plaza Newcastle has a high retention rate and a low turnover rate because of its fantastic interview techniques, training and development programs, rewards and benefits and company culture.

The one recommendation we have for Crowne Plaza Newcastle would be to implement an incentive for employees to complete an exit interview. The high retention rate and low turnover rate that Crowne Plaza Newcastle has, means that they are not only creating a positive work environment, but benefit from receiving an increase in revenue.

Crowne Plaza are saving money by:
removing advertising costs
choosing the right employees to invest in
internal promotions

Crowne Plaza are receiving revenue from:
improving product knowledge
loyal customers
employees with improved industry knowledge THANK YOU FOR LISTENING....
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