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How does the atmosphere protect and sustain life on Earth?

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happychap mk

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of How does the atmosphere protect and sustain life on Earth?

How does the Atmosphere protect and sustain life on Earth?
What is the Atmosphere?
The atmosphere is the air surrounding the Earth. It affects us in a lot of different ways in our daily lives, such as:
-Hot or Cold weather
-What to wear
-What activities to do

The atmosphere is made up of layers which all play a important role in protecting and sustaining life on Earth. It is like a big blanket covering earth that protects life on Earth
The Stratosphere
-The Stratosphere is the second major layer, following the troposphere
-Above to Troposphere extending to about 50 KM above the Earth's surface.
-It is a layer where no weather occurs.
-Weighs approximately 15% of the Earth's atmosphere.

-The mesosphere is the layer above the stratosphere
-Most meteors burn up in this layer
-Different kinds of gasses form in the mesosphere
-scientists don't know very much about this layer compared to other layers
-The mesosphere is 50-85km above the Earth's surface

The Troposphere
-The Troposphere is the first layer of the Earth's atmosphere
-It is 7-20 kilometres above sea level.
-All weather occurs in this layer.
-Almost all clouds are found in this layer.
How does the Troposphere protect life on earth?
Ozone Layer
-The Ozone Layer acts as a shield for Earth
-The Ozone Layer is a special type of oxygen
-It absorbs approximately 97%-99% of the sun's Ultra Violet
(UV) radiation.
-It is found in the lower portion of the Stratosphere ( 20-30 kilometres)

All the weather occurs in the troposphere, and weather is a significant thing in our life because it dictates what we can and can't do.
How do the Ozone layer protect life one on Earth?
The Ozone layer blocks the UV rays from entering the Earth, making earth a safer place for humans and animals as the sun is not as extreme as it would be without the ozone layer.
The Mesosphere
How does the mesosphere protect life on Earth?
The mesosphere protects the Earth from cosmic debris such as meteors.
The Thermosphere
-The thermosphere is from 90-100km above the earth's surface
-It get incredibly warm in the thermosphere- starting at 200 degrees Celsius in the lower thermosphere and getting up to 500 degrees Celsius as we go higher up
-This part of the atmosphere is considered a part of space because of the density of the surrounding air
-the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station both orbit in the boundaries of the thermosphere

An image of the space shuttle orbiting the earth from the thermosphere
How does the thermosphere protect us?
The thermosphere absorbs the X-Ray UV radiation, preventing skin cancer almost always.
The Exosphere
-this layer is in very uppermost region of earth's atmosphere
-aprox. 1000km above the Earth
-extremely thin air
-not all scientists agree that exosphere is part of Earth's atmosphere
-outermost limit of exosphere and atmosphere is around 19000km from the Earth's surface- almost halfway to the moon


- Manpreet Kaur and William Ngo
-Hamsika Parasa and Billy Zhong
The layers of the atmosphere - an overview
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