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Cuba - Cold War

Castro, Bay of Pigs, Missile Crisis

Robert Wostratzky

on 9 September 2010

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Transcript of Cuba - Cold War

Cuba & The Cold War I. Fidel Castro took power in 1959
A. As a communist, he welcomed aid from the USSR
B. Castro threatened U.S. oil and sugar interests
C. Many Cubans fled to the U.S. (Miami) II. Bay of Pigs Invasion --> April 17, 1961
A. Planning began during the Eisenhower administration
B. CIA and Kennedy hoped an invasion would trigger an
uprising that would overthrow Castro
C. Poor planning, inadequate forces, and Soviet
equipment added to the failed invasion
D. After the failed invasion, Castro was sure that the U.S.
would try to invade Cuba again III. Cuban Missile Crisis --> Oct. 14 - Oct. 28, 1962
A. Soviet leaders (Krushchev) moved nuclear
weapons into Cuba
B. President Kennedy ordered a quarantine of

C. The U.S. Navy forced approaching Soviet ships to turn

Dean Rusk: "We are eyeball to eyeball, and the other
fellow just blinked."

D. USSR agreed to remove the missiles, and the US
pledged not to invade Cuba
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