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Boston University ~ Ivy League Project

A prezi presenting the ideal highlights and educational properties that Boston University has to offer.

Andre Rocha

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Boston University ~ Ivy League Project

Boston University Application On the actual application though, you will be required to complete the Common Application as well as the Boston University Supplement
Both can be found on the Common Application website at: https://www.commonapp.org/CommonApp/default.aspx Additional Application Requirements Boston University also requires these documents to fully recognize your application:
High school transcript
Senior grades
School Report form
Teacher Evaluation
College/university transcript(s) (only if applicable
Portfolios and auditions (Applicable to College of Fine Arts only)
Early Decision Agreement (Early Decision applicants only
As well as your SAT or ACT scores Student Body: 31,766
Undergraduate: 15,977
Graduate & Doctoral: 13,232
Faculty: 2,628
Student/Faculty Ratio: 13:1
Average Class Size: 28 Campus Life Campus Life in Boston University has a wide range of astounding and exhilarating activities to take part in; all ranging from sporting events to concerts to creative art activities, all at the palm of your hand! Boston University also has beneficial job opportunities while your attending school there. Whilst being employed by BU, you will be given the chance for Health Care, Dental, even help for your retirement plans. Working at Boston University even helps safeguard your legal required benefits. Boston University also holds a wide variety of facilities available to the students disposal BU has 2 campuses - Charles River and Medical Center
BU also has over 470 classrooms
20+ Libraries
And around 2,022 Labratories Boston University is a university made up of small close knit college programs specific to a certain area of study. Those being:
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Communication
College of Engineering
College of Fine Arts
College of General Studies
College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College
School of Education
School of Hospitality Administration
School of Management BU also has about 23 Varsity Sports (13 Women's, 10 Men's). Those Sports including:
M/W Basketball
M/W Rowing
M/W Cross Country
Women's Golf
M/W Ice Hockey
M/W Indoor Track
M/W Outdoor Track
Women's Field Hockey
Women's Lacrosse
M/W Soccer
Women's Lacrosse
M/W Soccer
Women's Softball
M/W Swimming
M/W Tennis
Men's Wrestling There are nearly 500 student organizations at BU, all ranging from French Culture Society to Photography club to Zen Club to Amnesty International to the Boston Scholars Club. There are about 55 student culture organizations and nearly 31 student religious Organizations Boston University has also been able to include more than one race at their University, being able to include a more wide-ranged demographic BU's Student Body consists of:
Black/African American - 3.2%
Hispanic/Latino - 8.6%
Native American/Alaskan Native 0.2%
Asian American - 14%
White/Cacasian - 50.6%
Other - 11.6% Need $$$? Well BU is able lend a hand! Bills Bills Bills!! A breakdown of the expanses and bills for the 2012/302
academic year at BU Tuition - approx. $42,400
Room(Depending on accommodation - $8,600
Board(Most dining plans) - $4,590
Fees - $594
Total Billed Expenses - $56,184
Books and Supplies - $1,000
Personal Expenses - $1,290
Local Transportation (average) - $626
Total - $2,916 Scholarships & Merit Awards! Just last year BU awarded nearly 412.5 million dollars in merit-bases scholarships to entering freshmen!
The competition for these scholarships is nearly all 10% students in their graduating class, though achievements outside of school and their local communities does also play a card in whether or not an applicant is taken into consideration.
There are about two major scholarships that are largely sought after: the Trustee Scholarship and the Presidential Scholarship. The Trustee Scholarship's are awarded to students from around the US and around the world nominated by high school principals and headmasters. These students generally rank in the top 5-10% of their graduating class and demonstrate records of service and activity in their respective sch0ols and communities. The Presidential Scholarships are rewarded to five percent of the incoming freshmen who demonstrate exceptional academic success. Beyond the talented scholars, Presidential Scholars demonstrate astounding skill and leadership in their schools and communities. The scholarship is around $20,000 in tuition and is renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study whilst attending BU Financial Aid at BU: Percent receiving Boston University aid - 54%
Average Boston University grant - $22,350
Average total Grant - $25,859 Tuition at BU:
Cost of Tuition: $39,314
Estimated room and board: $12,260
Books and Supplies: $940
Transportation (average): $546
Personal Expenses: $1,290
Fees: $550
Total Estimate: $54900 BU Also has Studying Abroad Oppurtunities!
BU has 70+ extensive Study Abroad Programs in 26 countries. BU also has 4,000 internship placements world wide!
Studying Abroad Countries Include:
England (aahhhh)
New Zealand
United States (Including Los Angeles and Washington D.C.) Some Popular Majors at Boston University:
Related Support Services
Social Sciences
Health Professions Thank You! Example of Clubs and Organizations at BU:
Alianza Latina
Amnesty International
Anime Club
Asian Student Union
Badminton Club
Billiards Club
BU Bikes
Cheerleading Squad
Chess Club
Chinese Students Association
Culinary Club
The Daily Free Press
Dance Team
Enviromental Student Organization
Equestrian Team
Habitat of Humanity International
Inner Strength Gospel Choir
Liberty Society Photography Club
Stage Troupe
UMOJA: Boston University's Black Student Union
United Planet
WTBU (student radio station)
Zen Community
Oh my! Now, because you are not a robot and are a member of the human race, you would like to know of social opportunities outside of BU campus, thus meaning: The City and all that entails it in relation to entertainment: You may walk the Freedom Trail and sit in King's Chapel ( a church that British soldiers once occupied)
Maybe you'll eat at the Union Oyster House, which is the nations oldest restaurant
It may also be possible to relive history by touring the famous graveyards along the trail route viewing headstones of Boston Patriots (Some famous being Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams)
Come on, it's Boston! History envelopes this city!
There are also various Broadway and original theater productions scattered about the city, some with discounted tickets.
There are jazz resaurants, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Ballet performing clasics such as The Nutcracker or Sleeping Beauty!
Boston also has its very own Museum of the Fine Arts, as well as numerous other galleries here and there.
Let's not forget about the Boston Red Sox, at the nearby Fenway Park!
As well as the inclusion of public areas which you may bike, roller blade, walk, jog or just plainly sit.
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