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Mary Quant vs. Jackie Kennedy

No description

Lauren Gruber

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Mary Quant vs. Jackie Kennedy

Mary Quant vs. Jackie Kennedy fashion icons Jackie Kennedy proper. conservative. Mary Quant risque. unique. pushed limits. Jackie was known for... sleeveless A-line dresses above-the-shoulder gloves. pumps. pillbox hats. "The Jackie
Look" Mary is credited for the mini skirt. "The shorter... ...the better." Both Kennedy and Quant were admired by women around the country. Teens liked Quant, while women liked Kennedy Both women revolutionized fashion. Quant "[It's] practical and liberating, allowing women the ability to run for a bus." "Dress to please yourself; treat fashion as a game." Kennedy After her husband JFK left office, Jackie developed a much more relaxed wardrobe. more and more women started wearing jeans. British; 1960s London-based
Mod and youth fashion
movements American; JFK's wife,
known for being stylishly
conservative both Quant and Kennedy's styles continue to affect popular culture today.
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