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Nichiren Daishonin's Life & Teachings

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Kar Kiat Tan

on 9 April 2017

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Transcript of Nichiren Daishonin's Life & Teachings

Nichiren Daishonin's Life & Teachings
The Life of Nichiren Daishonin
Declaration of the Establishment of His Teaching
Tatsunokuchi Persecution
Casting Off the Transient & Revealing the True"
Atsuhara Persecution
Purpose of Daishonin's Appearance in this World
The Daishonin's Death &
Nikko Shonin's Succession
Passed away 13 Oct 1282 (61 yrs old) at Ikegami Munenaka's residence;
Q & A
What does "casting off transient & revealing the true" mean to us?
How do we respond to our mentor?
Nikko Shonin converted several priests -> converted local farmers
Gyochi (deputy chief priest) not happy - intimidated priests & lay believers
Gyochi framed farmers & executed 3, banished 17 from Atsuhara
Gosho: "On Persecutions Befalling the Sage"

Daishonin wrote on 1 Oct 1279;

Buddha: took 40 years
Great Teacher T'ien-T'ai: took 30 years
Great Teacher Dengyo: took 20 years
Nichiren Daishonin: took 27 years
Promised Persecution:

“Since hatred and jealousy toward this Sutra abound even when the Thus Come One is in the world, how much more will this be so after his passing?”
Promised Protection:

“Each of you should summon up the courage of a lion king and never succumb to threats from anyone. The lion king fears no other beast, nor do its cubs. Slanderers are like barking foxes, but Nichiren’s followers are like roaring lions.”

Purpose of Nichiren’s Advent:

In spite of these persecutions, not one of the twenty farmers abandoned their faith.

The Daishonin, witnessed a number of believers willing to give their lives to protect the Law, decided that time is right to inscribe the Dai-Gohonzon
(inscribed on October 12, 1279)

Fulfilled the purpose of His advent.
• Born on February 16, 1222 (small fishing village in Kataumi)

• At age 12, vowed to become the wisest
person in Japan

Sought to gain the wisdom of the Buddhist teachings to overcoming the sufferings of life and death, and lead all people to happiness.
• His mission to spread the Mystic Law of NMHRK;

• Started propagation despite opposition and persecutions;

1222 - 1234
• On April 28, 1253, ND proclaimed NMHRK as the sole correct Buddhist teaching for people in the Latter Day of the Law to attain enlightenment.
Letter arrived in Kamakura from Mongols - demand Japan to be its tributary or risk war - danger of foreign invasion
Sept 12, Hei no Saemon-no-jo led armed soldiers and arrested ND (treated as a traitor)
Late that night, ND was kidnapped by armed soldiers (HnSnj's instruction to secretly behead him)
Attempt to kill ND failed
Triumph over Tatsunokuchi's significance:
Cast off transient status; while being a human being, revealed original true identity as a Buddha of infinite wisdom & compassion
Nikko Shonin carried on mentor's fearless spirit & actions for kosen-rufu;
Emphasis on Gosho study;
Fostered many outstanding disciples.
1278 - 1281

Atsuhara Village
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