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Yellow Journalism Project Presentations

No description

Matt Baker

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of Yellow Journalism Project Presentations

Materials and Objectives
1. Go back to your project
2. Read the feedback
3. Average all of your scores out of 40
a. Add them up
b. Divide by the number of scores
Ex: 40+36+35 = 111 / 3 = 37
4. Get your rubric and a paper clip from Mr. Baker
5. Write that average down at the bottom
6. Attach sheets to your rubric
7. Submit to Mr. Baker
1. If you are not already in a group, get in one
a. If you are off-task or not working, I will break you up
3. Start putting together your part
a. Article writer can use a laptop to type it up
b. Picture/Political Cartoon can use laptop to look up examples
c. Advertisement can use laptop for examples
4. Paste aspects on sheet and lay it out like a newspaper
5. Use rubric and Mr. Baker as a guide
1. Set your project up
2. Grab 1 grade sheet per paper
3. Walk around and read the papers
4. Grade them
a. + = 1 good thing
b. Delta (triangle) = 1 thing they can improve
c. Give them a score out of 40 (add the 4 parts up)
d. Explain why they got that grade
5. Do all of the papers this way
Image by Tom Mooring
Project !!
Yellow Journalism Project
Project (Day 2)
1. Use your laptops to finish your project
2. We will have about 45 minutes to finish the project
3. Once you are finished, grade your project on your rubric
a. Be honest
b. Make sure your group members' names are on the rubric
c. Make corrections as needed
4. Submit the rubric to Mr. Baker
Opener (Day 2)
In your notebook, answer the following question:

What would a Robber Baron say to a Populist if they met at a coffee shop?
Your Project
Yellow Journalism Project Sheet
I can create a Yellow Journalism Newspaper
The clip below explains Yellow Journalism and its impact on us today
In your notebook answer the following question:

Why was the U.S. acquisition of colonies hypocritical?
Work Time
Finish the project today.
- On task
- Finish Project
- Volume level appropriate
Writing Prompt
What was the feedback on your project?

What was one piece of good advice?

What was one piece you did not agree with?
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