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Xbox 360 vs PS3

No description

Nate Fiacco

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Xbox 360 vs PS3

Xbox 360 vs PS3 360 has more games and sometimes better games 360 can have parties and customize your character. But the 360 has the red ring of death and you have to pay to play online PS3 has better graphics PS3 has free online PS3 has free wifi which means no fee for online and your house is a wifi hotspot PS3 also has certain games like Demon Souls, White Knight Chronicles and Killzone PS3 has Blu-ray PS3 also doesnt die like the 360 does if you add the pro's and cons of both these machines the PS3 will win anytime Also on the PS3 you can get on any website that you want using their internet browser instead of being limited with just facebook, youtube, and netflix on the 360 FAIL WIN
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