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Advertising KK

me,vivid, nerzza

zhang dave

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Advertising KK

The very beginning, not good. We started the activity on April 5th. We design our own LOGO To CHat Our final group We made this
talking group
as the interaction
union. We talked We got some response from
the parents, both good and
bad comments, of course. Their attitude Fortunately, they like "We chat" The only thing they are concerning is whether it will charge "We have an activity here........" "God, leave me alone,no more salesman,
no promotion" "How often do you connect with your parents" "Um,maybe twice a week, why?" "Do they use Wechat or other software? We
have a talking group here, have interest?" "Not bad, what is that supposed for?
How to join?" ........................ "Why, what do you want?" I realized that "people do not
buy what you did, but buy
why you did that" Our Goal We hope that our campaign can raise the awareness of keeping touch with parents,especially for those who are studying or working far from hometown, just like us.
Sometimes, the only reward Daddy or Mommy longing for is your simple greeting
words. "Can you tell me your parents' Wechat ID? Later on, things better We also made a greeting card for the
future Mother's Day Started here Finally Only three person,practical?
workable? we are outside,we are good! what we could do practically for them?
also for ourselves? we are at home,
we are good too Lift a finger could touch
a heart.......
why not?? especially when they are getting older and older.......
.sometimes even “silly” and helpless when
missing you program:“e heart ”plan:
lift a finger could touch a heart Targeting group:young people (16-35)who is outside or studying aboard, like us, seldom
could meet their parents. *Hands help us to learn toolslift a finger could not only touch a heart but also could touch lives.
*we call on our targeting groups to teach parents to master simple social e tools/soft wares to enhance the communications between two generations.
*e stands for “e communicating tools”
”e heart” sounds the same as “Yi Xin”in Chinese representing two generation supporting each other and prolong love forever. Our campaign advertising AD script:the whole theme is about parents’ hands and our hands Competitors - NGO Yahoo & China Social Assistant Foundation
media channel: http://www.csaf.org.cn/
official & well organized
but, lose communication with majority Advertising in New media Communication platform: Weibo
Why weibo?
most popular social media among young generation in Mainland
Wei-charity() – new useful way to realize charity Advertisement campaign on Weibo
Weibo content – three functions: Campaign 1 on Weibo:
E-heart plan 1
Teach parents & shoot their hands:
deliver love social media - Weibo
new useful way during special time
send help & find the losing person
E-heart plan 2:
teach parents – a new way to send help
in emergency Yaan Earthquake Campaign 2 on Weibo: Our video – Youku responses We got some useful advices and comments: we got heart-warming stories: We got support from strangers: Our journey Group concept & activities Ji Chen: 12430900
Dave Zhang: 12402664
vivid Zhang: 12405515
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