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The Night the Moon Fell

The Night the Moon Fell Reading Street

Jamie Sink

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of The Night the Moon Fell

The Night the Moon Fell
A Mayan myth retold my Pat Mora

Plot and Theme
The plot is what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of a story.

A story's theme is "the big idea" that the author wants the reader to learn from the story. This can be a lesson or moral.
Basket Bas / ket
Look at the word basket. It has two consonants in the middle with a vowel on each side. We divide it between the two consonants and the first vowel is usually short.
Adverbs tell more about a verb. Some adverbs tell when or where.
balance - footing; even placement of weight that lets someone stand upright
canyons - deep valleys with steep sides
coral - an underwater stony substance made by marine life
rattle - make sharp knocking sounds as a result of being shaken
slivers - small, thin pieces of something that has been split off
sway - move back and forth or side to side
whisper - make a soft sound
Examples: Divide these words:
picnic downtown window
pencil soybean chapter
Tiger Ti / ger
Look at the word tiger. This word has a consonant between two vowels. You need to divide it after the first vowel. This usually makes the vowel long.
Examples: Divide these words:
paper frozen robot
vapor broken
Find the adverb:
We will have a test tomorrow.
When it rains, I play inside.
Seth will play the piano first and I will play next.
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