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Yunacorn Jo

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of PC

Different Components
Cameron Kim, Yuna Jo, Liyang Huang, Stephen On
Processor (also known as CPU)
Comparison Chart
So why should you choose PC?
Video Card (also known as graphics card)
a video card generates output images to display by connecting to the motherboard of a computer system
Different Components 2
Hard Drive
Sound Card
the CPU is the most important component of a computer and is responsible for running programs
Operating System
a software that supports the basic functions of a computer such as managing storage and directing computer operations
a hard drive is a high-capacity storage device that is used to store information for the long-term or permanently if desired
the sound card allows the use of audio components for multimedia applications
the speaker is an electrical device to amplify sound/music
the keyboard is a set of keys used to enter data and operate the computer
the mouse is a hand-held device (on a flat surface) used to direct the cursor on a computer screen
the modem is a device/program that allows a computer to transmit data over (for example) cable or telephone lines
a disk drive that uses a laser to read or write information on a disc
PC (Z170-I5)

Different Components
Memory (RAM)
the RAM is a hardware device that acts as a temporary storage for information
Optical Drive
a display screen used to provide visual output
In the end we can see that PC comes out on top in pretty much all of the categories. Although the Macintosh is not meant for gaming purposes like our PC that we have chosen and more driven towards business purposes, the PC is still capable of running Microsoft programs and work related purposes as well as a Mac. So, because of all these reasons, you should consider on purchasing a PC over an iMac. In addition to this, a PC lasts about 2 years and if a part breaks, you can pruchase and replace it. However, a Mac must be rebought if it is broken, since you usually cannot buy the parts for a Mac at a store like a PC.
P.S. They're the same price and PC still comes out on top
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