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UAS Funding Opportunities

Program Funds and In-Kind Donations

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Transcript of UAS Funding Opportunities

Milena Flament
nonprofit organization
that works to improve campus life by offering
Which meal plan will incoming freshmen living in quad housing be assigned to?
Question & Answer
UAS is a
1. In-Kind Donations:
UAS Funding Options
Funding Opportunities

quality services
students need and use everyday.
ID Card Office - UAS operated
Dining/Catering - Sodexo
University Bookstore - Barnes & Noble
Banking - SEFCU
Vending - Pepsi, Prestige and New Leaf
Moving/Storage - Don's Moving & Storage
Linens - Residence Hall Linens
MicroFridge - Refrigerator Leasing Company
Laundry Services & LaundryView - MacGray
Floral Services - Frank Gallo & Son Florist
Car Sharing - ZipCar
A) The Unlimited Meal Plan #1 (Unlimited access to quad dining + $210 Munch Money)

B) The Unlimited Plan #2 (Unlimted access to quad dining + $410 Munch Money)

C) The 175 Meal Plan #2 (175 Meals per semester + $410 in Munch Money).
The Unlimited Plan #1 is assigned to freshmen living in quad housing.
Once registered, Freshmen may change to the Unlimited Plan #2 which has $410 in Munch Money.
The last day to change a meal plan is Thursday September 10, 2015.
Which meal plan will new, incoming upperclassmen living in residence hall housing be assigned?
A) The Unlimited Meal Plan #1 (unlimited access to quad dining + $210 Munch Money)

B) The 120 Meal Plan (120 meals per semester + $400 Munch Money)

C) The 175 Meal Plan #2 (175 meals per semester + $410 in Munch Money).
Answer: C
The 175 Meal Plan #2 is assigned to new incoming upperclassmen living in residence hall housing.
Once registered, upperclassmen may change to the Unlimited Meal Plans or 120 Meal Plans.
The last day to change a meal plan is Thursday September 10, 2015.
Where can you use your all-you-care-to-eat
meal swipes?
A) Only in the dining room on the quad where you live

B) At any quad dining room

C) Retail locations only.
Answer: B
Yes, at any quad dining room.
A meal swipe can ONLY be used at
quad dining rooms.
Answer: A
Where can Munch Money be used?
A) Only in vending machines and Shop 24

B) In the University Bookstore

C) In all UAlbany Dining locations, vending machines and Shop 24.
Answer: C
Munch Money can be used to purchase only food items and meals at UAlbany Dining locations, vending machines and Shop24.
Answer: A
Can you add more Munch Money?
A) No. The amount of Munch Money per meal plan is set out for the semester

B) Yes, but only in the first 10 business days of the semester

C) Yes, you can add Munch Money at anytime.
Answer: C
You can add Munch Money at any time.

You can add Munch Money using
GET: SUNYCard Online Services via MyUAlbany.
What is ASDAC?
Question & Answer
A) Faculty group that meets with UAS to discuss dining

B) Student group that works with UAS to monitor and improve dining at UAlbany

C) Group that oversees and governs UAS.
Does Munch Money carry over from
semester to semester?
A) No, at the end of each semester you will lose any remaining Munch Money

B) Yes, but only for one academic year (summer-fall-spring), as long as you are enrolled

C) Yes, it will carry over from semester to semester as long as you are enrolled.
Answer: A
Students can contact Donna Duffy at nutritionalservices@albany.edu or 518-442-2731.
What should a student do if they have a special dietary need?
A) Speak with UAlbany Dining's registered dietitian

B) Speak to his/her RA

C) Email President Jones
What is the best way to find UAlbany Dining
hours of operations?
A) UAS & UAlbany Dining signage, websites, social media, and by signing up for text alerts

B) Asking parents

C) UAS website only
Answer: A
Hours of operations are always posted on the UAS and UAlbany Dining websites, and can be viewed in poster format at each dining quad and the
Campus Center.

In the event of special hours of operations or inclement weather, hours are posted on social media and by signing up for text alerts by texting UAS to 313131.
Answer: B
Albany Student Dining Advisory Committee is a group of UAlbany students who provide UAS with feedback on dining by hosting formal meeting and mystery shopping.

Students interested in being a part of ASDAC should check the UAS website for contact information (albany.edu/uas/asdac.php).
Answer: B
Munch Money is good for one academic year. Unused Munch Money at the end of the spring semester will expire after commencement.

Students can check Munch Money balances online via MyUAlbany/GET: SUNYCard Online Services.
Donna Duffy will be available at the resource fairs.
Allergen-free zones (Simple Servings) are available at all uptown quad dining rooms and at Alumni Quad by request, and are free of the 7 major food allergens and gluten free.
How can a student pre-order textbooks from the Bookstore?
Question & Answer
A) By calling the library

B) Via MyUAlbany or the Bookstore website

C) A student cannot pre-order textbooks
Can textbooks purchased from the Bookstore be returned for a refund if a class is dropped?
A) No. Once you purchase a textbook it is yours forever

B) Yes, anytime you want as long as it is unused

C) Yes, unused textbooks may be returned within 7 days of classes starting with a receipt or within 30 days with add/drop proof and a receipt.
Answer: B
Does the Bookstore offer E-Textbooks?
A) Yes

B) No
Does the Bookstore buyback books?
A) Yes

B) No

Can you rent textbooks from the Bookstore?
A) Yes, but only if you are a graduate student

B) Yes

C) No
Answer: B
Textbooks can be pre-ordered from the University Bookstore via MyUAlbany or the Bookstore website.

To avoid shipping fees, students can also opt for "books in a box," and pick up their pre-ordered books at the Bookstore when they arrive on campus.
Answer: A
Yes, the Bookstore will buyback textbooks based on supply/demand and condition of the textbook.

The best time to sell textbooks to the Bookstore is during Finals Week.
Answer: C
Unused textbooks can be returned for a refund witin the first 7 days of classes with a receipt.


Unused textbooks can be returned with proof of a schedule change and receipt during the first 30 days of classes.

Answer: A
The Bookstore does offer E-Textbooks, often times at discounts compared to printed books. They can be purchased online and delivered straight to desktops or tablets.
Yes, students have the option to rent or purchase new and used textbooks from the Bookstore.

Textbook return dates vary each semester but typically fall at the end of Finals Week.
Are there fees incurred to transfer funds from an account back home to SEFCU?
Question & Answer
A) No, SEFCU does not charge fees for incoming transfers

B) Yes, $5 per transfer

C) You cannot transfer money
How can students sign up for a SEFCU account?
A) By submitting a ten page essay asking for an account

B) Visiting a branch or the SEFCU table at the Resource Fair

C) Via MyUAlbany
Answer: C
Does SEFCU offer mobile banking?
A) Yes, mobile deposit, text banking, and mobile bill pay

B) No, transactions can only be made via the branch in the Campus Center

Are there minimum balance or deposit requirements?
A) Yes, $50 balance minimum and you must deposit $500 to create an account

B) There is no minimum balance requirement and no minimum deposit requirement.

C) There is no minimum balance and SEFCU covers the deposit requirement
Answer: A
SEFCU offers text banking along with mobile banking via their mobile app, which includes check deposit and ATM locators.
Answer: B
Students can open an account at any SEFCU branch anytime or by visiting the SEFCU table at the Resource Fair.
Answer: A
SEFCU does not charge a fee for any incoming transfers. However, a student should check with his/her bank at home to see if there are any fees involved on that end.

There is no minimum balance requirement for a SEFCU Campus Connect account.

SEFCU will make the $1 mininum deposit for you to create an account.
Campus Gold is an advance provided by UAS that allows students to do what?
Question & Answer
A) Campus Gold allows students to pick their classes ahead of time

B) Campus Gold allows students to purchase textbooks and supplies on campus while waiting for financial aid

C) Campus Gold allows students to pay their parking fines.
If a student loses his/her SUNYCard what should he/she do immediatley?
A) Panic

B) Tell a professor

C) Deactivate it online
What does GET: SUNYCard Online Services allow students to do?
A) Deactivate/reactivate a lost SUNYCard
B) Add funds to accounts
C) Upload an ID Photo
D) Request money from family and friends
E) All of the above
Answer: C
Deactivate it online with
GET: SUNYCard Online Services via MyUAlbany.

Deactivating a card will "freeze" it until the card is found or replaced.

If the card is found, a student can reactivate it online at anytime.

If the card is not found, a student must go to the SUNYCard Office and get a new card (fee applies).

Answer: B
Campus Gold allows students to purchase textbooks and supplies on campus while waiting for financial aid.
Answer: E
GET is the SUNYCard management platform.

You can:
Deactivate or reactivate a SUNYCard
Check account balances
Add funds to Munch Money/Podium
Request funds from family/friends
Receive funds from family/friends

Think of it as a one-stop-shop for managing your SUNYCard.
Campus Gold is an advance up to $650.
Campus Gold is charged to your tuition account and may be deferred against finaical aid and/or paid in monthly installments. Any excess amount a student decides not to keep, can be returned to UAS by filling out a refund form at the SUNYCard Office.
Can bottles/cans be recycled on
campus for a refund?
Question & Answer
A) Yes, by taking them to UAlbany facilities department

B) No, you must go off campus

C) Yes, by taking them to the recycling machines in the Campus Center
Answer: A
Where can a student get a MicroFridge
for his/her dorm?
A) Refrigerator Leasing Company

B) Any major retailer (Best Buy, Target, Macy's etc.)

C) MicroFridges are no longer allowed in dorm rooms
Answer: A
LaundryView allow students to monitor the status of washers and dryers in UAlbany laundry rooms via their smartphone or computer. It can also be accessed via the UAlbany App.
How can students BE IN THE KNOW
regarding all UAS services?
A) Twitter
B) Facebook
C) Texting UAS to 313131
D) Snapchat
E) Instagram
F) UAS and partner websites
G) All of the above

What is LaundryView?
A) LaundryView allows students to monitor the status of washers and dryers in UAlbany laundry rooms via their computers or smartphones

B) LaundryView is a full-service Laundry and dry cleaning service. They will pick up dirty laundry and return it - free of charge
What moving and storage options are
available through UAS?
A) Don's Moving & Storage & Collegeboxes

B) No moving and storage options are available through UAS

C) UAlbany Department of Moving & Storage

Answer: A
Don's Moving & Storage and Collegeboxes are the only authorized storage vendors.

Don's is a local full service moving, packing and storage company. Best option for storing locally.

Collegeboxes is best if you want to pack/label boxes yourself and send nationally/internationally.
Answer: C
The Campus Center has two TOMRA machines students can use to recycle cans and bottles and receive a bottle deposit refund.

The machine will provide a receipt that can be exchanged for cash at 518 Market.
Answer: G
Social Media and texting are the best options for the most up to date information on hours changes, emergency closings and specials.

Students can also WIN FREE STUFF when they follow UAS on social media or texting!
Answer: A
Refrigerator Leasing Company is the only authorized vendor of MicroFridges for the UAlbany Campus.
Additionally, students can now report laundry machine issues via a mobile app.
MicroFridges can be ordered online (see the services guide or the UAS website) and will be delivered to each quad during move-in.
Sample MicroFridges are stationed in the sample suites and will be at the Resource Fairs.
What is Podium?
A) Podium is a debit account that allows you to make purchases on campus and off campus at participating Off Podium vendors

B) Podium is part of your meal plan and can only be used in dining locations

C) Podium is an account that gives students VIP parking on campus
Answer: A
Podium is a debit account that allows you to make purchases on and off campus.

You can add more Podium funds at any time via MyUAlbany/GET SUNYCard Online Services or at the SUNYCard Office.
What is the difference between Munch Money and Podium?
A) Munch Money is tax-free; Podium is not.

B) Munch Money expires after one academic year; Podium does not.

C) Podium can be used at the Bookstore; Munch Money cannot

D) All of the above
Answer: D
Munch Money is tax free and part of a meal plan. Podium is a separate account that you add funds to and is not tax free.
Munch Money can only be used for food items in dining locations or vending machines on campus; Podium can be used for various purchases on campus, including dining and University Bookstore purchases. It can also be used for off campus purchases (Off Podium).
What is Shop24
A) Shop24 is a self-contained robotic convenience store

B) Shop24 is an online store to order UAlbany apparel

C) Shop24 is a vending machine with just food

Answer: A
Shop24 is a self-contained, refrigerated and robotic convenience store that is available 24/7/365.
Shop24 accecpts cash, Munch Money and Podium. (Munch Money can only be used for food).
Shop24 has over 100 items including microwave entrees, multi-pack beverages, laundry detergent and personal care products.
What is Zipcar?
A) A zipline for cars

B) A car sharing service on campus

C) A free shuttle from Alumni Quad to main campus

Answer: B
Zipcar is a self-service, 24/7 car sharing program on campus.
Sign-up online and reserve a car at
Discounted rates for UAlbany students.
Does UAS and/or any partners offer employment opportunities for students?
A) No, there are no opportunities

B) Yes, but only the Bookstore

C) Yes, UAS, UAlbany Dining and the Bookstore offer employment opportunities

Answer: C
UAS, UAlbany Dining and the Bookstore offer employment opportunities for students.
For more information visit:
UAlbany Dining Website
UAlbany Bookstore Website
UAS Website

Name two people AND the dining location pictured below to win a bonus gift card worth $20!
UAS Contact Information

(518) 442-5950

snapchat: uas_albany
Text 313131

email nharrigan@albany.edu
2. Program Funds:
- Beverages and UAS gift cards only
- Online application
- Apply at least two weeks prior to event
- All In-kind guidelines must be followed
3. Supplemental Program Funds:
- Funding for campus special events
- No set limit on the amount of requested funding
- Specific application deadlines
- Online application
- All guidelines must be followed.
Funding for campus special events
Events that fall in between UAS Program Funds dates
Up to $1,000
Submit application at least 14 days prior to the date of event
Online application
All UAS Program Funds guidelines must be followed.
Fully read application and guidelines before starting process
Write a clear, detailed and articulate request
Check spelling and details
Be succinct. Longer is not better
Make sure your math adds up in your budget!

Open to all members of the UAlbany community
Appeals to a broad sector of the community or responds to an otherwise underserved/underrepresented campus community
Enhances the education, research, learning and living experiences of the UAlbany community

Events held off campus
Staff or student salaries
Purchasing of equipment
Purchasing of alcohol or tobacco
First week in April for events July 1-Dec. 31

Last week in September for events occurring between Jan 1- June 30
Advertise your event in at least two ways on campus (e.g, ASP, UAlbany GO, social media)
Recognize UAS' sponsorship in all promotional materials, printed and digital
All goods and services must be purchased from UAS service providers whenever possible
Campus Food Policy must be strictly adhered to when hosting events with food.
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