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Alfonse juma

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Morality

Religious morality
Religious morality is morality based on value frameworks regarding personal behavior meant to guide adherents in determining between right and wrong.
Moral Judgment
Refers to a person’s ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly
Good or Bad as measured against some standard of good set forward by society
Secular morality
What is morality ?
morality refers to some codes of conduct put forward by a society or, some other group, such as a religion, that is
accepted by an individual for his/her own behavior
Secular morality is the aspect of philosophy that deals with morality outside of religious traditions. Modern examples include humanism, freethinking, and most versions of consequentialism.
Moral decisions
Moral decision means or involves; knowing the facts of the situation, and careful consideration of the moral values or principles that are relevant to a given situation.
Morality in video games
video games with plotlines involving moral choices are increasing in number
Games such as Mass Effect and Fallout 3 require players to choose between actions that can impact their standing with non-player characters and affect the skills and abilities they can use.




some examples are whether or not to lie cheat or steal

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