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Exploring Professional Writing: "Teaching"

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Artasia Brown

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Exploring Professional Writing: "Teaching"

Exploring Professional Writing: "Teaching"
"Those who can't do, teach." True?
What do you think teaching is like?
The Facts
Collected by the US Department of Education
From the Phi Delta Kappa Gallup Poll 2011
• Public school teachers strongly support getting rid of incompetent teachers regardless of their seniority.

Bachelor's Degree (undergrad; Pre-Education; vocational and elementary level teaching)
Master's Degree (graduate; K-12; all but dissertation, Teaching Assistant
PhD/Doctorate Degree (Higher Education; college level professorship)
Undergrad Opportunities: Teaching and Grad Exposure
Teach for America Corps (hands-on teaching in underprivileged communities)
Common Misconceptions...
How do some of these ideas connect with Woody Allen's words in "Annie Hall?"
Feature Interviewees
Kaylea Annen
Feature Interviewees, cont.
Professor Ryan Friedman
Link to Professional Writing

-Worked at Mount Carmel Health Systems doing public relations and communications
-Now use professional writing as a lecturer
-Recommendation letters, writing lectures, and assisted in writing instructors manual for a textbook
-Start-Ups: All writing content on websites, advertisements, working with Etsy and other websites to sell products
Summer Institute for Literary and Cultural Studies [SILCS] at Wheaton College (for undergrad English majors; 4-wk, crash course fellowship in grad school experience)
TA position (Graduate Studies)

-Teaches Public Speaking and Communications 2367 (Persuasive Communications)
- Teaches online
-Ohio Christian University 
-Public Speaking
-Zane State College
-Interpersonal Communications
Lecturer at OSU (Master's recipient)
Online Start-Up Businesses

-Annen does graphic design, marketing, advertising, and all communications work on the two sites
The Journey: Undergrad to Graduate

-Settling on one career path?
-Undergraduate mentor from U of Notre Dame: an AFAM scholar who sparked an interest in AFAM literature led to Friedman's pursuit of a PhD
-A strong American literature community at Northwestern cultivated a historical approach to and considered the politics of literature
-Other pathways…"Could've seen myself going to law school"
-"You're not locked into anything"

-Courses taught in American film, film theory, American literature, and African American literature
-University of Notre Dame (BA)
-Northwestern University (PhD)

Associate Professor at OSU (PhD and tenure recipient; currently on Academic Leave for a second book project)
Designing a course repertoire as a professor
-Second writing courses for Masters students (OSU)
-Generating Student Discussion: "...ask a good question…[that] gets people thinking in interesting ways, but also prompts them to talk"

Modeling a platform
-Graduate experience for TA's: Large lecture and Colleague discussion
-"...good as far as seeing different people's styles pedagogically...getting a general feel for how to...maintain discussion"

Adjunct Professorship: "sort of a replacement teaching"
-Northwestern: American Lit Survey and Special Topics in American Lit

Professional Writing in Academia
Perks of Continuing Your Education with Professional Writing
Higher salary

Specialized career path

Experience that is usable in educating and advancing your university/ school

As a Master's level lecturer, you are more inclined to teach beginner to intermediate courses

As a Doctorate level professor, you are more involved with researching your desired field of study
Master's Degree
Dependent on teaching courses

Professional writing is not a heavily required skill, but it is used to create many documents requested by students

Uses professional writing as a form of credibility and to produce content usable to students
Uses professional writing when creating research papers in chosen field

Highly specialized in chosen topic to progress

Publishes peer-reviewed documents and is typically required to publish research for their University
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