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Diamonds: A Curse

No description

Andrew McCormick

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Diamonds: A Curse

These diamonds are mined in
Diamonds are commonly viewed as symbols of adoration, beauty, and purity.
But is there more?
The innocent diamond you place on your love's finger may have a
And the diamond miners
Many are forced to work in deplorable conditions, slaves tirelessly searching for the elusive gems.
Sierra Leone was caught in a civil war between the Revolutionary United Front and the democratic
Although the war ended in 2002, 85% of diamond production in Sierra Leone was smuggled out of the country to fund the RUF rebel efforts.
Conflict diamonds or diamonds are diamonds mined in regions of conflict, the mines controlled by certain factions of the fued.
The money from the diamond sales fuels war, tyrany, mayhem, destruction, and suffering.
Others readily exploit the cursed resource.
Conflict diamonds are a prominent issue, having affected the African countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola, Côte d'Ivoire, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Additionally, these diamond-fueled conflicts have forced local children to assume a role only ever meant for adults:
The money from the conflict diamonds were spent on drugs and weapons, ushering in an era of suffering.
Hundreds of thousands of children
under the age of 18 serve in
government forces or armed
rebel groups. Some are as young
as eight years old.
Thanks to the new policies, 99.8% of the world's rough diamonds are certified to be from sources not involved in funding conflict.
Mere children are either forced or coerced into becoming soldiers, fed with promises of vengeance, threats, and drugs.
In July 2000, the global diamond industry announced its zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds and continues to drive this policy today.
An example of the brutalities inflicted, the RUF off the hands of innocent people to send a message to the democracy.
How will your citizens vote now?
Sierra Leone is only one of the many countries that has suffered from blood diamonds.
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In Angola, the civil war between rival factions Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and National Union for the Total Independence (UNITA) was further fueled by hundreds of millions of dollars from UNITA controlled diamond mining.
Côte d’Ivoire has been split as well, with conflict diamonds funding the rebel north against the government-held south.
Across Africa millions suffer, courtesy of the precious crystals so glibly worn elsewhere...
And to think...
All of these atrocities are made possible
thanks to our diamond purchases.
Partnership Africa Canada estimated that 15% of the $10 billion worth of rough diamonds came from conflict zones in the 1990s.
Yet, the PAC's survey began the arousal of public awareness to change things for the better.
In an effort to remove blood diamonds from the market, about 75 countries have taken part in the Kimberley Process, as first implemented in 2003.
The Kimberley Process requires that all diamonds be accompanied with a certificate ensuring that they are conflict-free as well as transported without tampering.
the only one who can completely eradicate diamond-fueled violence

Make sure the diamonds you purchase are conflict-free...
And help those in Africa make diamonds
An iMovie Documentary I created
An award winning Motion Picture was created to
show the harsh reality of Conflict Diamonds and the Natural Resource Curse.

Political Cartoons and Typography
in Sierra Leone
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