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Relationship Economy Sector Analysis

This is a template for sector analyses

Jerry Michalski

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of Relationship Economy Sector Analysis

Relationship Economy
Sector Analysis:

Sector Name
Blocks &
& Leaders
Actions to take:
Natural Costs:
What is the momentum strategy? What will happen if current trends continue? What isn't working?
Where are the walls, the impenetrable barriers? The vested interests, the laws and deals creating artificial scarcity?
How are the six forces of the Relationship Economy affecting this sector? (Open, Free, Social, Abundant, Emergent, Thriveable.) What assets are suddenly public? What goods can be created through collective action? What's really scarce?
What people and organizations exemplify the new rules in this sector? Who is playing out how those Forces hit this domain? And who is writing about it, or explaining it in other ways?
Looking beyond the harbingers, what new places, models, systems, offers seem ripe for creation? Or collecting the harbingers together, what larger story do they tell us?
for $1?
If the six Forces of the Relationship Economy swept right through this sector, where would they drive costs? Ignore current business barriers or other sacred institutions. What's ultimately possible?
Now take that to the extreme: what could you do for near-zero marginal cost? If nobody bought another widget, and everyone shared openly? Where's the limit?
What books, articles, movies, posts, documentaries and other things should we read to understand the problems and opportunities in this Sector?
What should you do now to test hypotheses, get familiar with new practices or be prepared for the Big Shift? What will you do tomorrow?
Courtesy of the Relationship Economy eXpedition
TheREXpedition.com or write jerry@sociate.com

This work published under Creative Commons by-nc-sa terms (attribution, non-commercial, share alike).
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