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Experiencing the Digital City

No description

Louise Drumm

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Experiencing the Digital City

'Experiencing the Digital City' School of Computing Co-curricular module First Year to enculturate students to:
living in the UK, specifically Edinburgh &
studying at HE
Aim: Also: improve digital skills of general student population digital skills collaboration study skills employability photography online presentations audio video Web 2.0 tools labs field work seminars micro-blogging group work group presentations critical reading critical thinking referencing reflection labs lectures seminars face-to-face/blended/flexible supported by Webct
& Web 2.0 tools digital skills 'the city' study skills Edinburgh Assessment project: portfolio of digital artefacts personalised vision of 'the city' report essay & reflection: "the past of the future city" why is this "internationalised"? students to share own cultural background Edinburgh 'the city' discussed in western/european/UK context engagement with Edinburgh work with peers study skill support the story so far... ran trimester 2
2009-10 SoC students only yet to be evaluated... observations informal group-work important webct activity high choice of assessment focus not content-driven challenging can be tailored for different cohorts the future run as truly co-curricular 21 larger cohort more online/flexible options ongoing development & evaluation run in 3 trimesters next run Tri2 2010-11 Louise Drumm not a particularly 'international' group!
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