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How To Use A 3-hole Puncher

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Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of How To Use A 3-hole Puncher

How To Use A 3-hole Puncher
by: Sofia Chiboub

Hole Puncher

(Any kind thick/thin enough
for the hole punch to go through)

1. First, place the paper on the bottom section of the hole punch and below the three actual hole punchers.
2. Next, align the actual hole punchers for where you wish the holes to be.
3. Lastly, push down on the top area of the hole puncher to create the holes. Apply enough pressure the actual hole punchers to go through the paper.
If you've followed the
steps correctly, you should have a perfectly
hole-punched piece of paper!
Need More Help?
“What if some of the holes aren’t coming out?”
You should try pushing harder, maybe there was less pressure in the area it didn’t come out.

“What if I have a stack of paper and no holes are appearing?”
Try lessening the amount of paper in the stack. Too much paper does not allow the hole punch to go through.

Place your paper where the arrow points to.
Push down on the part you see in the picture.
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