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Dank Memes

No description

David Tan

on 15 March 2017

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Transcript of Dank Memes

Dank Memes
What are Dank memes?
The true definition of Dank Memes are debatable.
Not so reliable definitions of Dank Memes
Sources: Urban Dictionary and Reddit
Perspectives of Dank Memes
Oh m8, the pep mad at these memes. They want to find moar meme power. So they be h8ing. plus, some o them be offencive and they h8 moar. yep.
Examples of Dank Memes
The End
But wait, did you see that?
These memes tho
David Tan (and no friends)
From different reliable sources, I got different answers:
And so, I went to other, less reliable sites to see their results.
Turns out that their guesses weren't as bad as mine
It ended poorly
In conclusion, I think that Dank Meme is just a method of stating that a meme is cool, in it's own over-used way
With that out of the way, we can explore the ethics behind them
To finally produce a philosophical perspective on it.
it was really them all along
Illuminati Confirmed
There are many examples of Dank Memes. These are some less offensive results I was able to find.
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