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mary clarenz basa

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of JUNTO AL PASIG

Christianity, Good vs. Evil and Paganism
Observance of the Virgin's Feast
During Rizal's time, townsfolk used to carry the image of Virgin of Antipolo during a procession on Pasig River.
The play focuses on Leonido and Satan. It begs to question of Christianity beliefs. He centers his thoughts such as: Who is the real redeemer of mankind? Who should really be adored? Who should one believe? Does one have to believe? It talks about Christianity and how it poses questions to our religion and faith. Rizal wrote it in different perspective about how he was battling Spain, the Spanish tore down the culture and prosperity of the Filipino and to show the nationalism and he was a devoted Catholic.

The Theme . . .

- young Filipino with strong faith in the Virgin. He has face the devil and debated his faith
- god of the Filipinos. THis symbolizes the Spanish Authority. It also symbolizes the spanish oppression to the Filipinos
An Angel

The story revolves around Christianity, Good vs Evil and Paganism. It ended on how Leonido praised the Virgin Mary on saving him. It explains on how our culture made us believe in mythical creatures and if only if we have stronger faith, God is the only one who can really save us in many challenges.

Wednesday, December 8, 1880
Vol XCIII, No. 311
RIZAL: Beside the Pasig
One-act Zarzuela written in Spanish by Dr.Jose Rizal
Staged by Academy of Spanish Literature members on Dec 8, 1880.
He wrote it in honor of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage at UST.
In the end, the main point is Filipinos embraced Catholicism but not slavery to colonizers.
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