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Mission Santa Carla De Asis

No description

Emily Harrell

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Mission Santa Carla De Asis

Mission Santa Carla is one of the 8 missions out of 21 missions. The founder was Father Jurupero Serra. The date established was, January 12, 1777. The location of this mission is 40 miles SE of San Francisco and the end of San Francisco Bay. This mission is also known as Poor Clares.
Mission Santa Carla is made of architecture richy oramented with paintings.Santa Carla has a bell tower with a cementray and workshop right next to it. Santa Carla"s bell tower is a square tower built to the left of the entrance.
Buildings and Animals
There were a few more buildings by the mission like...Barracks, kitchen, garden house and workshops.In the garden house they planted peaches,pears,figs,grapes and grain.Mission Santa Carla has animals like, cattle, horses, sheep, chicken etc...
Mission Santa Carla De Asis by Emily
Bell Tower and Church
People and Daily Life
The people on Mission Santa Carla did things like farmwork, building,, making soap, candal making, cooking,sewing, and gardening.The mission was known for a spesific craft which is sewing and basket making.
Mission Santa Carla also suffered many hardships for example, flooding, destoryed by fire, attacted by Mexico and rebuilt . Mission Santa Carla stoped being a mission when the war between America and Mexico. When the mission after Santa Carla was secularized Ranchos came around and the indians wholived at the missions went to live at the Ranchos
Mission Today
The mission today is still active but the mission is being used to be a lovely landmark and muesum.
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