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Craig Kielburger

No description

Vanessa Watson

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Craig Kielburger

Craig KielBurger Craig Kielburger is from Thornhill, Ontario. Craig went to Bishop Scalabrini Catholic Elementary School Attended Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School Graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies Obtained his MBA at York University. How Free the Children Started Iqbal was a boy from Pakistan who worked at a carpet factory from when he was four years old and he was shot at the age of twelve. Craig was very shocked and disgusted to find that people his age were living in such terrible conditions. He decided to bring in the newspaper to share with his classmates. When he had finished reading the article, he asked his class, "Who wants to free these children? Eleven hands went up. Together they formed the group called the, 'Twelve-Twelve-Year-Olds. Which later turned into Free The Children At the age of twelve, Craig read a newspaper article about a boy named Iqbal Masih. Craig Kielburger is also a Co-Founder of Me to We Me to We is a organization that helps people make better choices to make a positive impact on
the world. Craig Kielburger is a co-founder of We Day We Day is a yearly event across the country that is held to empower students to make a change around the world. Other Work Craig writes a weekly column about the major issues for 7 newspapers including the Vancouver Sun. Craig is a New York Times best selling author for his 9 books. Craig Kielburger Free The Children Free the Children helps children out of poverty, abuse and exploitation. They believe that every person has the right to have human rights. Free the Children has worked in over 55 countries. They have built over 650 schools to provide education to 55 000 children everyday. Me to We has:
-saved 334 174 gallons of water
-planted 125 000 trees
-executed 220 528 hours of volunteer service
-inspired 395 600 people through leadership programs, speeches and books. Me to We All of the money raised by Me to We is split. Half supports Free the Children and the other half is reinvested to support future projects. Me to We is an organization that promotes leadership training programs and materials, socially conscious and environmentally friendly clothes and accessories, life changing volunteer trips and many more. We Day We Day is an event created in 2007 to empower, educate and inspire children all across Canada. -100 000 youth attended the event in 8 different cities
- 5 400 000 watching by webcast
-2 400 000 Facebook fans -$20 000 000 fundraised for 500 causes
-5 700 schools have participated Awards Craig Kielburger won the Nelson Mandela Human rights award, the Roosevelt Freedom Medal, the World Economic Forum GLT Award, the Order of Canada, the Human Rights Award from the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations and the World's Children's Prize for the Rights of the Child. Countries that Craig has Helped in -Ecuador
and many more Bibliography www.freethechildren.com
Kielburger, Craig. Free the Children. Toronto Ontario: HarperCollins, 1998
Kielburger, Craig and Kielburger Mark. Living Me to We: 2011 By daring to be different as a twelve year old boy, Craig Kielburger may not be remembered long after his death but the organizations that he started will have a lasting impact on the millions of children that he has helped and inspired.
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