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Design project Tosh.B

No description

Ward van Vierssen Trip

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Design project Tosh.B

Questions? Objective? Medical Health Check Fieldwork I Round 3 Round 2 Round 1 Group Toshiba B Aged Care in Japan Validation START FUTURE Problem New design of comprehensive care service
from both a supported and a nursing perspective Assignment Why?

Rise of importance of home-care due to physical difficulties

Low quality of home care compared to nursing homes
and increased burden on families

Equal treatment for everyone despite of geographical differences Causal Loop Solutions New Questions Brainstorm CVCAWCA Concept
making The elder people who (almost) needs care
and their families
ターゲットを高齢者の要介護者とその家族に設定 Japan´s overall population is decreasing

Life expectancy is growing

Average overall age is increasing Short reminder of background Target Innovation 5 Whys CL CM SG PS CVCA WCA PRES BS Toshiba
Meeting Akiko Kaya
Junichi Kato
Mireiyu Noguchi
Sayaka Tanioka
Takashi Kamaguchi
Ward van Vierssen Trip
Yusuke Hoshino Prototype I BS CL 5
WCA VG PS Prototype Fieldwork Prototype I; Medical Health Check Device Pres September 14, 2012 / 5 people interviews
① Manager of life commune KAWASAKI  Mr.Iwasawa
② Manager of independence facility   Mrs.Omori
③ 3 elders at facility of independence. Field work at Life Commune Kawasaki "Through this system, it is better to communicate with not only their family but also with their caring manager and helpers." "It could be better if this system cooperate with doctors by cloud system." "If using hospital , it takes too much time for elder people to prescribe medicines. So this system enables them to reduce the time. Please add extra function to prescribe medicines." Q. Validation of the prototype "Few elder people can send E-mail and use PC." Mr.Iwasawa
said  Field work         ① Manager of life commune KAWASAKI "It would be useful to add a function for finding nearest hospitals." "It might indicate their family to urge elders to visit an hospital." "It would be good for elders to operate this machine while seated." "It is good for their family to know about the condition of elders." "This CVS becomes more easy to enter for elders." Q. Validation of the prototype  Field work          ② Manager of independence facility Mrs.Omori
said 3 elderly people
said "It is useful for us to check our health through this system. I don’t think it is authorized like rough checking machine." "Is it medical authorized?
It should require a proof of doctor." "But it is useful for people who can’t go to the hospital often and can’t enter the caring facility." "We don’t require the system at because our health is checked in the facility every day." Q. Validation of the prototype  Field work          ③ 3 elders at facility of independence. ●Insight:
"They need human interactions. They want to communicate with another."  Insight of Field work          ●Ethnography

・- 2-hour conversation with 3 Life commune habitants.

・- Also, off topic conversation
(e.g. nuclear energy)); ・They enjoyed talking to us. "Talking each other is the key term.  This is an human supported system. So it feels secure for their family. This is an advantage of this system." "Why can ZOJIRUSHI thermos bottle (with sensor to figure out elder’s lives) not expand?
It can't communicate with others directly." Mr. Uchihira (Toshiba) said… "Through this system, elderly can easily connect to the outside. So CVS is the place to sell products and connect with the world." "I think there will be many places like CVS. This system has potential to expand to every region." "Please consider of how to make profit.
It might not be adopted
if it earns 10 or 20 yen every day." 課題:儲かるの?回転率は?( The profitable? )  Toshiba Meeting September 20, 2012    【1st】 Field Work 23rd August  

Interview at “Life commune KAWASAKI”:
Caring people
People who need care
Share our ideas and observations  フィールドワークの気づきから、今回の範囲を設定した。
Scope was determined after fieldwork hospice Another  world With  care
  Without  care
 independent Life  with  family Scope of Work(   date consulting ¥ ¥ video message Family Grand son Local Doctor
(Medical Adviser) Round 3
FW->BS->CL->5Ws->CM->SG->PS->CVCA/WCA->V.G.->PT->FP ①Can CVS cooperate with drug store??

②How to make profit?

③How will people interact with medical device? Summary of fieldwork and TOSHIBA meeting ・Prescribe medicine at CVS.

・No authorized diagnosis.

Medical check system.

・Chair / benches needed.

Need for communication.

・How to make profit. CVS + +Drug store already exists.

So, we adopted this concept.

CVS +Drug store system
has medicine prescription.  
①Can we cooperate with drug store??
        ●Question?● People cannot interact with each other.
If device gives warning, already too late. No medical help. People need interactions. Our analysis● Why can ZOJIRUSHI thermos bottle
(with sensor to check elder’s presence) not expand?  ③How will people interact with medical device? So, we have to create a place
for elders to communicate with each other through a medical device.

We address this place 3rd place.

We think the facility of life
Commune Kawasaki itself is not the 3rd place.

But this situation is real 3rd place.  ③How will people interact with medical device?   What‘s 3rd Place We will have a meeting with Family Mart company.
and present our system to the expert.  
 Future plan  (24th October))
        creating more '3rd places' which also monitors elderly health Using By To  Future Goal  Statement medical health check at a CVS/Drug store Round 4 Conclusion cloud このプロジェクトをもっと最後までやり遂げたかった。第二フェーズ
だけでは短いと感じた。 様々な視点の人たちがいて、
でき、各々の持ち味を活かせた。 皆、グループワークに
プロジェクトに挑めた。 Ichiro Kawachi, a professor of social epidemiology at Harvard University, says as follows;

Social capital:

"As is shown in the Japanese expression 'otagaisama,’ a sense of mutual trust and support in Japanese society must have contributed to the longevity of Japanese,”
"The strength of a tightly-knit Japanese society is invisible to see, but if it is the key to (the nation's) longevity.  ③How will people interact with medical device? Requirements for 3rd Place Elder people ・Not 1 1st /22nd  place
・Easy Easy to access
・Place  for  Communication
・Place  for  health  check
・Place  for  activities
Not  dependent  on  weather
・Sufficient  place
・CSR ((FREE  model))
・Sales  license 3rd Place3rd place ! ¥ ¥ ! ! × ¥ ¥ ¥ ! ! ! ! ¥ ¥ ! ! × ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ! ! ! ! ! ! Prototype II FW/V&V/Meeting/FB
WCA/PT/Pres/FP FW/BS/CL/5why/
WCA/VG/PT/Pres BS/CL/5why/
Meeting Round Today’s presentation 3rd Place Toshiba meeting:
“No business case, focus on methods” Business case Toshiba Validation / Fieldwork needed Medical health check device Kawasaki Life Community Quality of ideas 4 3 2 1 delay the point when aged care is needed Goal! Future plan Prototype CVCA/WCA Goal statement Causal loop Brain storming Absorbed new insights Presentation V&V  Round 4 Road map Field work Toshiba Meeting Feed Back Start!
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