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John Henry Prezi

John henry Prezi for class.

Carlos Rodriguez

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of John Henry Prezi

John Henry

By: Carlos Rodriguez-Perez John henry was the strongest
baby ever. Before he was 6, he
was already carrying stones. Before he was 10, he was
hammering steel till dark!He could
hammer for hours. Every railroad boss wanted him to work with them.John Henry was the best steel driver ever. In the summer,it was soo hot that nobody could work and John Henry saved there jobs by doing there jobs! John Henry had a wife and a child.
The name of his son was, Johnny.
His wife was a steel driver too.
In the noon, she would steel drive
while John Henry sat with his son
and ate sandwiches. Of course something bad was going to happen... Once he was in a contest with a machine. His boss told the people who created a machine that John is faster and better. So,of course they wanted to prove that so they had a contest. Between John Henry and a machine.If he won,his boss would win the machine for FREE. And, faster work is better business. Days before the contest, his wife told him not to go and do the contest.She was scared something would happen to him... People Never forgot about him... Sooo when the contest started it was a draw between both of them.But it only lasted when John came in and was number 1 for now. Everyone was cheering for him.Thing was, He barely stopped for any meals.....
He also,didn't stop for any breaks.All this just
because of a machine?!Why not just buy the machine with all the money John helped them get?! Anyways, John Henry died.Because of no breaks or no food breaks,his body could not resist it. Nobody forgot John Henry.... They sang songs about him while working. The song was:
"John Henry told his friends.A man ain't nothing but a man.Before I'll be beat by that big stream drill,I'll die with my hammer in my hands.I'll die with the hammer in my hand....
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