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Sweatshops and Child Labour

A general presentation on sweatshops and child labour.

Keeley O'Leary

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Sweatshops and Child Labour

Sweatshops and Child Labour
Keeley O'Leary
Mrs. Rose
ENG 3U1 - 03
13 January 2014

Sweatshops and Child Labour
What are they ?
Child Labour
5.DR Congo
2.North Korea
Factories and workplaces where human rights are not followed
- 12 hours, 7 days a week
- wages starting from 20 cents a garment
- workers starting from the age of 5
- poor and dangerous working conditions
Garment Factory
Children from 5 years of age working to support their families
Nike and Sweatshops
- American company with sweatshop type factories in Asia, such as Indonesia
- Giant factories providing housing and stories of assault
Team Sweat
A cause supporting the end of Nike's sweatshops
Jim Keady, former university soccer coach
Human Rights
Both sweatshops and child labour break basic human rights.
Sadly, the consequences of breaking a human right are not enforced.
Labour Rights
- hours worked
- wages/pay
- working conditions
+ health and safety issues
Article 23 : "Every person has the right to work, to just pay, and to form and join unions."
Article 26 : "Every person has the right to an education."
Child labour and sweatshops PREVENT children from getting an education
- 215 million children, ages 5-17
- 12% of children (5-17) in India
- 12 to 18 hours a day

A story of a child
El Salvador
- collects shells for a compagny
- makes 1.40$ for 150 shells
- works for up to 14 hours
Maps and more facts
42% of children 5-17 have or do work
Percentages N/A
- 25 to 35% complete the 5-year primary school course
- 40% of children never enroll in school
The fight
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