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Generation Y

Contemporary Issues in HRM

Michelle Harari

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of Generation Y

OMG did u know that 36% of Gen Y still live with their parents ..... like legit.
Relevant Rewards
John Doe
just did this awesome activity.
Did you identify the top 4 things that attract Gen Y
Generational Context
Attracting Gen Y Talent
We hope you enjoyed learning about the challenges facing HR when working with Gen Y.
HR Implications
Generation Y, Millennials, Dot-Com's
Why oh Y?

Generation Y in the Workforce

By the age of 40, on average how many jobs are Gen Y expected to have held:
a) 9
b) 14
c) 17
Quiz Time
John Doe
now that ur attractive... how r u going to source talent?
Today's Agenda
To explore the current issues surrounding Gen Y in the workforce regarding...
What will the future workforce look like?
Motivate through Goal Setting
Feedback & Mentoring
K, G2G. TTYL ;)
Gen Y consists of individuals born between:
a) 1982-2000
b) 1990-2005
c) 1970-1985

By 2025, Gen Y will make up _______ of the US workforce:
a) 75%
b) 80%
c) 65%
To finish, we will discuss the implications for HR.
Have u been listening?
The Trophy Kids
Gen Y were raised by baby boomers in an idealistic and optimistic environment.

Their parents encouraged them to take positive actions and be empowered.

Made to feel special and unique.

Does this look familiar?
Feedback Activity
Making them Stick Around
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