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The Fan

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of The Fan

Why was there a need for the Fan?
For cooling you down when you are really hot and is also used for climate control.
Who invented the fan?
Schuyler Skaats Wheeler, and Philip Diehl invented the fan.
What stages of development did the fan go through
The fan went through 3 stages of development.
These stages are making the blade , increasing and stabilizing the air flow , and stabilizing the electricity.
What challenges were faced in this process.
What Materials make a fan
The materials that make a fan are metal , plastic electricity and copper
Where do these materials come from .

Some of these materials are from the earth such as metal and copper . The rest of the materials are man made.

What are the features of this product
Thank u For watching [: !
The Fan
By: Neil. S
The challenges that were faced in this process were that it took 20 years to stabilize the air , build the blade and , stabilize the electricity.

The features of this product are to suck in warm air and blow out cold air .
How is electricity formed to make the fan work.
An electrical accelarator
An electrical motor uses a battery to create a circuit that makes the fan make movement , then it will keep going around and around until you will cut the circuit.A electricity field is normally 25,000 watts of electricity are used t
Thank you for watching
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