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knights in medieval europe

No description

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of knights in medieval europe

knights in medieval europe
felicia, nick , taylor, galiao

what do knights homes look like?
the medieval homes had a timber frame,the knights mostly lived in manor houses on manorial estates.
do they have power over anyone else? if so,who?
the knights had power over nobles, priests, and kings.
and a lot of power over the peasants.
do anyone have power over the knights?if so,who?
the lords had power over the knights.
what is the best thing about a knights life ?
the best thing about a knights life is their family cares for them.
do knights own their houses?
no, in a knights family the eldest usually held the property in inheritance and the rest served him.
what do knights clothes look like ? where they comfortable?
what do knights eat for dinner?
the knights ate a lot of fruits and vegetables that they would pick theirself.they would eat poulty and eggs.
what do knights fear most?
during battles there is a risk beacuse they are responsible for themself ,and there is a high chance of death.
the knights wore armor ,only used in in training or in battle.they also had clothing underneath their armor.they where not comfortable beacuse when they wore their armor the clothing kept the armor from rubbing their on or cutting their skin during battle.
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