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Short Stories: The Lottery

No description

Emily Miner

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Short Stories: The Lottery

The Lottery
What are some "systems" or "institutions" we have in our society? (Institution = establishes law, practice, or custom.) Example: school!

How do you feel about them?
First read!
Plot: What happens? Let's make a plot diagram
Theme: what are the big ideas of this story?
Characters: how do the characters relate to these themes?
Author's message: what is she trying to say about them? How does this relate to our EQs?
Second read!
Let's look at the word choice at the beginning of the story...
What kind of mood does it show?
Does this word choice make sense, knowing what we now know about what happens?
Socratic Seminar!
I'm going to pass out a card to everyone... Someone will be randomly chosen.
How do we feel here...
If the chosen person gets extra credit?
If the chosen person is given detention?

What is the logic behind choosing people randomly?

Are there systems/institutions like this in real life?

The story we're going to read is a strange version of the activity we just did... Open"The Lottery."
Our LGs:
#2: Theme
#3: Events, characters, theme
#4: Word Choice
#5: Structure
Next Monday:
Socratic Seminar + Quiz
Write 5 questions + Study!

Next Wednesday:
Test over short stories
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