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The Rule Or Law That We Want to Change

The Height of Your Village House is Your Choice!

Felicity Bliss

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of The Rule Or Law That We Want to Change

After researching we found out that 61 % of village house owners want the outstanding law by the Government changed. Our Supporters... Our Plan Our Experience Goal Start Well, currently in Hong Kong
three floors is the limit
for village houses. After this experience we have learned that to make a statement in this world it has to be forceful, reasonable and will apply to others in future life. Asking Others What They Think! Have you ever thought about the height of your house ? The Rule We Want Changed! Here is an idea of what a villager thinks. After watching this video a couple times .... Us Taking Action! We could only get one video of a villager since other supporters wanted to stay anonymous. But when information collected it seems like 6 out of 10 people want more stories for village houses. We care about this subject a lot and it seems like other people do to! We have started to go around to people's houses asking them to sign our petition. In less then 3 hours our sheet was almost filled up! SOMETHING THAT WILL ONLY BENEFIT OUR SELFS WILL NOT BE A GOOD CAUSE. Even though we went through our plan a couple of times we realized that we will not be able to give the petition to the government since we are not high in authority. Big or Small We can still make a
difference no matter
what! We have created a plan! After we watched
the video, we decided that we are going to
sign a petition and give to the goverment.
This shows that not only us want this
rule changed but also others! Our Project
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