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Social Work & Civil Rights Movement

No description

Kayla Heath

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Social Work & Civil Rights Movement

Whitney M. Young Jr.

He was a U.S. civil rights leader who started the drive for equal opportunity for blacks in U.S. during his 10 years as head of the National Urban League (1961–71),
the world’s largest social-civil rights organization.

Did you know?
"The role of social work within our country’s civil rights movement is exemplified by social work icons like Dorothy I. Height and Whitney M. Young, Jr. Their contributions affected the lives of America’s disenfranchised while, underscoring that the effects of intolerance and discriminatory practices violate the essence of
democratic principles."

Dorothy I. Height
She dedicated her life to fighting for civil rights and women's rights.

She was a leader in addressing the rights of both women and African Americans as the president of the National Council of Negro Women.

"The numerous honors bestowed upon her include the Presidential Medal of Freedom (1994) and the Congressional Gold Medal (2004)."

Never forget.
Dorothy I. Height died at 98 on April 20th, 2010. Let's remember her by crusade for racial justice and gender equality which spanned for more than SIX decades!

Where would we be without her?
Her accomplishments
During the civil rights movement, Dorothy Height was the only female among the Big Six, a small group of the movement’s most powerful leaders, including Dr. Martin Luther King.

She was a key figure in the struggles for school desegregation, voting rights, employment opportunities and public accommodations in the 1950s and 1960s.

She was spoken of very highly.
In a statement issued by the White House, President Obama called Ms. Height "the godmother of the Civil Rights Movement and a hero to so many Americans."

She "devoted her life to those struggling for equality . . . witnessing every march and milestone along the way," Obama said..
Social Work & Civil Rights Movement
By Kayla Heath, Keaton Sullivan & Emily Huffer

What else?
"Young was also a forceful advocate for greater government and private-sector efforts to eradicate poverty. His call for a domestic “Marshall Plan,” a 10-point program designed to close the huge social and economic gap separating Black and White Americans, significantly influenced the discussion of the Johnson Administration’s War on Poverty legislation. "

How important was his role in the Civil Rights Movement?
President Johnson awarded Whitney Young the nation’s
highest civilian honor
, the Medal of Freedom, in 1968!
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Don't forget what our activists have accomplished....
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