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Are you aware of IT?

A day in the life of Information Technology at Medtronic EMEAC

Jordan Webb

on 4 August 2013

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Transcript of Are you aware of IT?

Did you know...?
A day at Medtronic through the lens of IT
at night, while you're asleep...
making sure all your valuable data is saved, backed-up and secured.
we take care of >500K Gb of data,
we handle:
and we fight off invaders!
> 1500 blackberry's
> 3100 iPad's
> 7000 laptops.
so that during the day,
while you're on the road doing what you do,
have direct access to all the latest information
(now we're talking about information)
Did you know...
> 1.2 mln orders, at 8% increase
> 44.000 implant registrations
> 1.1 mln cycle count records
per year, we process:
Innovating for life
we support:
Did you know...
and in the morning, when you're enjoying some fresh coffee...
you already have all your sales numbers available on your iPad
30% personal data
20% data increase per year
6 mln internal emails
9 mln incoming emails
19 mln spam emails are blocked
we support:
our systems are crunching:
> 18.000 order lines & invoices

> 36.000 inventory movements
and distributing:
> 2500 sales workbooks to your devices
across 35 locations!
we hope you value IT!
We make sure that all parties
have the right information,
at the right time &
in the right place.
By the way...
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