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Jamie's Lit Circle Presentation on the book Hoot by Carl Hiaasen.

Jamie Lee

on 17 January 2011

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Transcript of Hoot

by Carl Hiaasen Plot Summary ““Honey, you didn’t break any laws. You didn’t hurt anybody,” Mrs. Eberhardt said. “All you did was speak out for what you believed was right. Your dad respects that.””(276) Opinion Insight Diametrical paternal love “Roy also chose not to reveal that Beatrice had nicknamed her stepbrother Mullet Fingers, just in case Roy's father felt legally obligated to report it to the police, or file it away in some government computer bank.”(155)

““How would you and mom like it,” Roy pressed on, ""if a bunch of strangers showed up one day with bulldozers to flatten this house? ANd all they had to say was 'Don't worry, Mr. and Mrs. Eberhardt, it's no big deal. Just pack up and move to another place.' "“How would you feel about that?”” (156) "Roy saw something flash in her eyes. He wasn't certain if it was sorrow or anger - or both.
""She doesn't want him?"" his mother repeated.
Roy noedded somberly.
""Oh, my."" she said.
The words came out so softly that Roy was startled. He heard pain in his mother's voice, and he felt bad for telling Mullet Fingers' story." (161) ""Right,"" said Beatrice. ""Dad wants my brother to come back and live with us again, but Lonna says no way, Jose, he's a bad seed. (238) Intellectual growth of character "There, standing by the hole and peering curiously at one of the meatballs, was the smallest owl that he had ever seen. Mullet Fingers chucked him gently on the shoulder,
""Okay - now do you get it?""
""Yeah,"" said Roy. ""I get it."" (124)

""See if the Mother Paula's people bulldoze that property, they'll bury all the dens,"" Roy said.

""They've got permits to bury owls?"" Roy asked in disbelief. ""The owls will fly away. They'll find new dens somewhere else.""
""What if they've got babies? How will the baby birds fly away?"" Roy shot back angrily. ""How dad?"" (156) Environmental Conservation Thank you! Character development Dynamic: Roy, Beatrice

Static: Dana, Mullet Fingers Theme Intellectual growth

Social decay

Parental love Plot Development Smooth, clear Conflict External conflicts

Roy v.s. Dana

Roy v.s. Mullet Fingers

Roy + Beatrice + Mullet Fingers v.s.
Mother Paula's All-American pancake house Writing Style Creative figures of speech

Ex) "" Ah!"" Kelly Colfax looked as if she'd just won the lottery. (280) Societal Issue Social decay between adults

Ex)“The report later turned up in a golf bag owned by Councilman Bruce Grandy, along with an envelope containing approximately $4,500 in cash.” (282) Characters Roy Eberhardt - The protagonist of the book

Beatrice Leep - A tall girl with curly blond hair and red-framed glasses, also called "Beatrice the Bear"

Mullet Fingers (Real Name: ______) - Beatrice's step brother, barefoot boy

Officer Delinko - An officer of the Coconut Cove police department

Leroy "Curly" Brandit - The foreman on the Mother Paula's All-American Pancake House construction site

Dana Matherson - The antagonist of the book, a typical school bully

Garret - Roy's bestfriend at school Roy Eberhardt is new to Florida

Sees a barefoot kid running in the school bus

Planlessly follow the boy

Mother Paula's All-American Pancake House tries to build a pancake house in Coconut Cove

Weird/Mysterious vandalisms happen in the construction site of the pancake house

Roy finds out that the boy, Mullet Fingers is deeply related to the mysteries at the construction site
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