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Gem Marie Clet

on 5 June 2016

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The hotel's
Responsible for the overall operation of the hotel
Oversees most or all of the firm's marketing and sales function as well as the day-to-day operations of the business.
Monitors the performance of the hotel through verification and analysis of guest satisfaction systems and financial reports.
General Manager
Assist the General Manager in ensuring the security of their guests and the entire hotel department.
Monitor the tasks of personnel and workers
Set goals and plans to promote and improve the service of their department
Should be able to multitask and have excellent people skills.
Tasked to give schedules and assignment to each worker.
Assistant General Manager
Reservations Agent
Direct and coordinate the activities of the Front Office department.
Perform the function of a link between the management and front office employees
Responsible for hiring, training, supervising and disciplinary all front desk, reservation,and guest services staff members in order to maintain the desired standard of service.
Front Office Manager
Duties and Responsibilities
Track room revenues, occupancy percentages and other front office operating statistics
Prepare the Night Audit Report (data reflect the hotel's financial performance for the day)
Post room charges and room taxes to guest account.
Monitor the current status of coupon, discount and other promotional programs.
Night Auditor
Front Desk Agent
The most noticeable personnel in hospitality operation.
The first person a guest sees on entering the property and the last person the guest sees on leaving.
Determine guest reservation status.
Assist guest in all Front Office related functions in an efficient, courteous, and professional manner that maintains high standards of service and hospitality.
Receives and directs incoming calls to individual guests, staff or department.
Process outgoing calls.
Log all wake-up call on the system
Answer questions about the hotel’s services and product
Monitor the operation of automated systems.
Telephone/Switchboard Operator
Receiving payment
Balancing guest account
Opening and maintaining the guest folios
Recording all credit charges in guest folios
Preparing bills at the time of check out
Handling credits/debit/charge cards for the settlement of a guest account
Administer the safe deposit system
Front Office Cashier
Work closely with the front desk staff, room service employees, and other hotel personnel in providing guest assistance with luggage, transportation and miscellaneous needs.
Serve as the guest liaison with both hotel and non-hotel attractions, facilities, services and activities.
Making reservations for dining in famous restaurant.
Responsible for all aspects of reservations processing.
Reservation agents respond to communications from guests, travel agents, and referral networks concerning reservations arriving by mail, telephone, cable fax or through a central reservation system.
Track future room availabilities on the basis of reservations and help develop forecasts for room revenue and occupancy.
Prepare the list of expected arrivals for the front office, assisting in preregistration activities.
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