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Gary Paulsen : The Car

No description

Cristiano Murphy

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Gary Paulsen : The Car

Terry decides to build a Blackberry Bearcat kit car and he runs away. When Terry is done he names the car "The Cat". Terry decides that his car has been made, and he sets off from Cleveland, OH and travels to Portland, Oregon to find his uncle.
The Rising Action
This is when Terry meets Wayne for the first time.
On the way Terry realizes that the kit car has no hood and is forced to stop, as Terry stops he befriends a Vietnam veteran named Waylon. Waylon and Terry travel together for a couple days when Waylon decides it is time to meet Wayne.
Rising Action Cont.
Gary Paulsen: The Car
Falling Action
Wayne and Waylon take Terry to an ancient man to teach Terry the history of America and to play a little Texas Holdem.
Wayne, Terry, and Waylon got to see the battle field of Bull Run where Terry learns about "Captain Custer's Stand", after that Terry, Wayne, and Waylon go to a diner where Waylon and Wayne get into a fight.
Terry is told to run from the fight and he does, but while he is driving he is reminded by Captain Custer and turns around to rescue he friends. This is where we leave our friends.
Terry Anderson has just realized that his mother and father have both left him and he has nothing to do, but go in the garage and mess with his dad's kit car.
This book is really about a fourteen year old boy named Terry, Terry's parents left him, and he is alone. Terry decides to fix up his dad's kit car, and names it "The Cat". Terry wants to go meet with his uncle, which he barley knows, and embarks on his journey. This journey entails Vietnam veterans, poker, and fights.
After the Civil War, Custer was dispatched to the west to fight in the Indian Wars. His disastrous final battle overshadowed his prior achievements. Custer and all the men with him were killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876, fighting against a coalition of Native American tribes in a battle that has come to be popularly known in American history as "Custer's Last Stand."
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