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Why Energy Drinks should not be banned

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Felicia Vogel

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Why Energy Drinks should not be banned

Why Energy Drinks should NOT be banned
"I Wouldn't be able to open my eyes without it"
Energy drink products first appeared in Europe and Asia in the 1970's and became available in the United States in the late 1990's.
Energy drinks can benefit you, if you don't abuse them. Not only do they taste good, but they are able to give you that little boost, you need when studying. Energy drinks enhance endurance performance and is an appetite suppression.
Why shouldn't energy drinks be banned?
Alcohol and tobacco are legal but far more dangerous.
Same effect as coffee
They help you stay focused
Energy drinks also provide low carb, carb free, low sugar, sugar free, low calorie, or calorie free varieties.
To put things in perspective, eight ounces of Starbucks coffee has an average of 150 milligrams of caffeine, a two-ounce bottle of 5-Hour Energy has 138 milligrams of caffeine, and 8.2 ounces of Red Bull has 80 milligrams of caffeine. Even if this bill passes, teens in Suffolk County will be able to purchase as much coffee as they’d like, for now.

By Felicia Vogel
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