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Do music artists make more money playing concerts or cd sale

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Julius Sanchez

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Do music artists make more money playing concerts or cd sale

Are Musicians Making More or Less Money?

Most musicians are making less money because camp writers who focus on the disruptions in the sound recordings sale markets. camp writers only point to the problem with piracy such as shifting away from album sales to single albums.
basic on the article i read about musicians it states that musicians earning capacity tend to point to data that supports their specific point of view weather its retail sales, digital sales, live shows.
not all musicians don't directly received income streams because for instance musicians income goes directly to the record label than who pays the artist according to there relationship and contract.
Most musicians loss income due to
Drop in record label support
Fact that artist/bands now have to pay for things that label used to pay for
Increased competition which had made it diffcult for touring schedules and made it harder to make money on the road
Recent stories of musicians today is that musicians, music, and income had found various writers saying that each musicians are making less/more money today than the past years because the explosion of income from digital sources.
Others people say that they talk about
Increasing number of artists on tour
Rising number of concerts per year
Successful kick start campaigns
The average a musician makes.
solo instrumentalists can make between $42 to $600 per concert
Employed musicians in orchestras make between $25.000 to $50.000 yearly
Some soloist and groups earn high salary but there are relatively a few.
Extra payments can be made such as concert fees, recordings, portage of large instruments and travel.
according to industry experts today the only way to make money in music business is to turn artists in a brand because songs make an artist famous in the first place which allows the artist to find his or her brand. touring can also be lucrative because touring are expensive to produce.
These are some artists that make huge salary in 2011.

Taylor Swift made $57 million
Rihanna made $53 million
Kenny Chesney made $44 million
Musicians made an average of about $34,000 off their music in America before deducting from touring and recording. some musicians always gotten huge but some artists are selling far fewer records than they use too.
So once that artists become famous through their music the four members of their management team such as agent, manger, lawyer, and business manager work to fans into goodwill revenue.
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