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Bridging Gaps

No description

Kalee Braswell

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Bridging Gaps

Bridging Gaps
On The Right Path
Senior survey
Career paths
Informing upcoming freshman and their parents
What's Being Done at Middle Creek?
The progress
Hope for the future
It's A Start...
The Curriculum Fair
Talking with Eighth Grade
High School To the Work Force
Obviously there are many different ways to go about mentoring this however I think that High School's should have a class purely on managing money, how to go about bank loans and mortgages, how to balance a check book, how to do taxes, etc...
 "College instructors estimate that more than two out of five (42 percent) college students are not adequately prepared by the education they received in high school to meet the expectations of college. "
(As Many...)
High School To College
What is Middle Creek Doing
How I hope it will expand
Middle School to High School
Kalee Braswell
English IV
"53.5 percent of
students had over
all increased academic
performance working
with a mentor that
they had a good
connection with."
(Bayer, 17)
Why did I do it?
What I covered?
The results.
Works Cited
"As Many as 40 Percent of American Public High School Graduates Are Unprepared for College and Work." Editorial. Http://www.achieve.org/. Achieve, 25 May 2006. Web. 14 Apr. 2016. <http://www.achieve.org/many-40-percent-american-public-high-school-graduates-are-unprepared-college-and-work>.

Bayer, Amanda, Jean Baldwin Grossman, and David L. DuBois. School-Based Mentoring Programs: Using Volunteers to Improve the Academic Outcomes of Underserved Students. Swarthmore: MRDC, 2013. Http://www.mdrc.org/. MRDC, Aug. 2013. Web. 14 Apr. 2016. <http://www.mdrc.org/sites/default/files/School-Based Mentoring_Programs.pdf>.
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