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Cereals and Starch Dishes

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irish capisinio

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of Cereals and Starch Dishes

Prepare and Cook Starch and Cereal Dishes
1. to identify factors that affects starch paste viscosity;
3. Endpoint Temperature
Factors Affecting Starch Paste Viscosity and Starch Gel Strength
1. Kind and Amount of Starch
- "native starches" have greater amount of amylopectin the more viscous the starch paste, whereas, the greater the amount of amylace, the firmer the gel is (greater gel strength)
Each type of starch has a specific endpoint temperature at which it will undergo optimum gelatinization.
4. Cooling and Storage Conditions
If cooled too fast, the amylase will not have time to form the vital micelles necessary for the three dimensional structure.
If cooled too slowly, the amylase fractions will have a chance to align too much and become too close together
2. Heating Rate
The faster starch-water dispersion is heated; the thicker it will be at the identical endpoint temperature
Cereals and Starch Dishes
5. Ingredients Added
(acid or enzyme, sugar, fat and emulsifiers)
acid - can form dextrin
sugar - delay or inhibit gelatinization of starch
fat - "waterproof", water will not penetrate during gelatinization
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