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The American POLITICAL system

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on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of The American POLITICAL system

THE AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM Introduction most powerful nation - politically
- economically
- militarily The Constitution - The American political system is defined by : The Declaration of Independence (1776) independent political entity The Constitution (1789) basic structure of federal government 7 articles, 27 amendments "separation of powers" - executive
- legislature
- judiciary "checks and balance" The Presidency - The Head of State
- The Head of government
- The military commander-in-chief
- Chief diplomat sign or veto legislation passed by the Congress power to recommend measure to Congress make treaties nominate and receive ambassadors dissolve the Congress pardon criminals People Electors President & Vice president His election "winner takes all" "state by state" 538 votes
270 votes to win Georges Washington 1st U.S president : 1789 -1797 The House of Representatives the lower chamber of Congress 435 members years-term years-term Election "first-past-the-post" - held on the 1st Tuesday after 1st Monday of November die or resign : special election 20 standing committees
100 sub-commitees legislative & investigatory functions The Senate upper chamber of Congress 100 members make laws years-term Elections : like the House of Representatives die or resign : Governor of the state supersedes. "advice and consent" Presidential appointments make laws The Supreme Court 9 Justices Political Parties Conclusion The federal government - The Chief justice
- 8 Associate justices serve for life deal with matters pertaining to the federal government dispute between states interpretation of the Constitution Federal judicial system The Supreme Court Courts of Appeal Districts Courts Presidential primaries Who will be the candidate of the Party ? Elections Votes of members of the party National Convention Caucuses discussions on the merits of contending candidates The presidential candidate chooses his running mate 2 main political parties THE REPUBLICANS Conservative THE DEMOCRATS Liberal Founded in 1854 Founded in 1824 power remain strictly limited by the Constitution authority to the individual states - Head of executive is the Governor (elected directly)
- Legislature : Congress
- Judiciary : system of courts [very complicated] [still debated] 44th president Barack Obama
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