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Medieval Manors - Feudalism Project

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whitney biagiotti

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Medieval Manors - Feudalism Project

The fields
Farming was a really important part of life on a medieval manor

Who maintained the fields on a manor?
What were Medieval manors?
Manors were simple areas of land that were given to a lord by the king

Under the feudal system the lord had complete control of the running of the manor (as long as he met certain conditions set by the king
Some lords built castles on manors to defend themselves from attacks
The medieval manor was made up of lots of buildings and different areas

Lots of people lived and worked on the manor

Much of the land was used for farming and hunting
The Church
The church was a central feature of the manor. Religion was very important in the middle ages

It was the priests job to teach Christianity, perform blessings, and look after the sick
Medieval Manors - Feudalism Project
What did the lords do with the land?
Lords knew many groups would be jealous of the fiefs they received from the king

They built something to defend themselves and protect their land
Stop and Think
What type of things would you find on a manor?

What type of people would you find on a manor?
Bell Ringer: 5 in 5

Take 5 minutes and list 5 things you know about Medieval manors (use complete sentences) - on a separate sheet of paper to be collected
Create Your Own Medieval Manor
Person who worked with metal and crafted armor for knights, horseshoes and tools

Why would it be important to have a blacksmith on the manor?
Written Explanation
In a paragraph (and full sentences) answer the following questions about Manorialism and the manor you created
Explain Manorialism - what was its purpose?
Who ran the manor?
Who did most of the hard labor?
What does it mean to be self-sufficient?
How is a manor self-sufficient?
What things are included in a manor? (see your drawing)
How did these things help the community?
Design Your Manor
Your manor must be neat, hand drawn or designed on a computer, in complete color and must include the following:
Lord's Castle
Serf's Cottages
A Church
A Blacksmith
A Forest
An Orchard
A Stream
A Pond
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