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Seth Khoo

on 29 October 2009

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Transcript of Canvas

Canvas Who shall I be today? What is it? Clothes are like blank canvases for you to create your work of art More than one way of wearing the clothing items in the store and the different styles that can be achieved are limited only by the wearer’s imagination. Brand Concept Who shall I be today?

"You are not limited by the look of the clothing items but rather, you decide who you want to be, and adjust the clothing to achieve the desired look." Brand Concept Canvas’ is a casual clothing concept where consumers define the clothes they wear, instead of the other way round

Unique packaging -->
Further differentiation

Canvas’ unique packaging creates an impression of high quality, which helps to reinforce brand identity.
Canvas encourages consumers to customize the individual pieces of clothing as an extension of their personality and character. Canvas is seen as fun and creative by the target segment, and because of the concept, the brand also exudes youthfulness. Canvas shops are fun and young

Consoles, Internet, Photo booths & staff adds to fun image

Brand Associations Store Interior Store Layout
Free-form (boutique) layout

Intimate and relaxing; visually appealing.

Provides flexibility on product display

Signage and Graphics
Short and simple to grasp information quickly

Neon light --> Fun and fresh image

Constant updates to remain relevant
Category Signage

Located at top of the product for easy identification

Digital signage - Flexibility allows easy updating of information when inventory changes

Reduces printing and labour cost Stylish Graphics
Stylish graphics of people, places and clothes create moods that encourages purchase

Digital technology will also be used for the graphics
Visual Merchandising

1. Gender separation
2. Clothing genre separation

Fixtures used will be mainly straight racks, 4-way fixtures and 1 or 2 gondolas
Ability to display merchandise and hold a large amount of inventory.

Digital signage and freestanding display to attract attention

Giant television screen showing how to use products

Screens also allow window-shopping customers to understand concept
Fitting Rooms

2 Options Normal fitting rooms and photo booth changing rooms
Fun Image: A portion of the fitting rooms replaced with full-sized photo booths that double up as changing rooms.
Inside these photo booths, customers can try out the clothes that they have picked out, and then take snapshots of them in those clothes.
2 Purposes:

Reinforces the fun and creative concept of the brand (Neo Prints Era)

Ability to remember different styles and reproduce them back home
To prevent excess queue, clothes allowed in booths are capped at 2, and pictures allowed to be taken per entry are limited to 12
To protect the privacy of customers when changing clothes, the camera can be covered
Checkout Counter
Locate impulse items, such as customizable accessories, belts & scarves on shelves near the checkout counter.
Dim lighting to promote warm & cosy ambience

Spotlights used to highlight clothes, drawing attention & providing accurate colours/ details
Warm colours promotes emotional, vibrant, hot, and active response.

Certain walls will be colour-coded in parallel with the colour codes of clothes

Red = advanced customisation
Yellow = intermediate customisation
Green = basic customisation
Pop, R&B and hip-hop
A unique smell that will allow customers identify brand

Similar to Abercrombie and Fitch (A&F), where customers can identify A&F easily with their scent
Friendly, approachable, helpful and outgoing

Staff must be competent in product knowledge

Frequently updates on new product lines and training regularly
A basic income with commission
Staff must be able to portray fun image through their personalities and dressing

Work clothes are picked from the newest product offerings

Frontline employees are encouraged to customise their clothes

‘Walking models’
Product line up and attributes
Product assortment
Caters to both genders

Dresses, tee-shirts, pants, skirts and jackets

Accessories will also form part of the inventory, such as scarves, belts and earrings, all of which are adjustable for different uses
Colour-coded in terms of difficulty of customisation

Basic (2 to 3 styles)

Intermediate (3 to 5 styles)

Advanced (>5 styles) 3 Focus the versatile dress men's smart casual reversible tees Product Attributes

Canvas’ clothes are stylish, customizable and of good quality

Different looks can be achieved with quick adjustment
Greater variety in style justifies pricing

Collections update often for fresh image

Store layout and service employees are fun Staff are conveniently located to answer queries and provide assurance

An instructional manual in the form of a post card will be given

‘Canvas’ You Tube channel provides further instructions
Additional services Concept Line Up 3 concepts Fun


Customisable I have a limited budget, but at the same time, I want to go for a lot of different looks. I want more clothes without neither spending more money nor compromising on quality.

Each Canvas items can be worn in multiple ways, giving you different looks. People will think that you have a huge wardrobe even if you wear the same clothes all the time!

Unlike traditional clothes, Canvas’ styles achieved are so different, it gives the impression that the wearer has many clothes instead of one.

This is indeed money well spent!
The clothes I wear define how I present myself to the world. I want to be able to define my clothes and put my mark on it.

Canvas’ clothes are like blank canvas waiting for you to flex your imagination. You no longer need to let your clothes define you.

Besides the free designs of the clothes, special accessories can be purchased to embellish the clothing bought from the store.

Get a chance to finally show your true self to the world - wear Canvas.
I feel limited by the clothes I wear.

The new Canvas fashion line allows you to wear your clothes anyway you want in a fashionable and fun way. Change your look however you want with these clothes, and enjoy the process!

Canvas’ clothes are designed specifically to be worn in multiple ways so you don’t have to conform to the norm.

Canvas - Because clothes doesn’t have to be boring.
Have fun wearing your clothes in any way you want!
less is more express yourself!
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