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NIEM User Persona

No description

Jia Yi

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of NIEM User Persona

NIEM User Personas Toolkit
Summary & Description | 2014
What are User Personas?
Michael Smith
Government Executive
My age is 52
I live in Princeton, New Jersey
My job title is Chief Information Officer
I work for a state government agency
My technical comfort is HIGH
Who is Michael?
Jessica Davis
Susan Davis
Program Manager
Norm Williams
Tools and Solutions Provider
Be a NIEM Superhero!
User personas are fictional characters meant to represent the key user types of NIEM. Each persona paints a picture of the demographics, motivations, frustrations and ideal NIEM experience for a particular user type.
What is his story?
I have been in this role for about 13 months. I have previous experience with another state agency as Director of Technology Services for about 3 years and have been working in the IT field for over 25 years.
I want to make sure that I clearly identify reasonable milestones for my organization priorities.
NIEM is not a major concern for me unless it can help my organization and make my job easier.
What are his motivations?
What are his frustrations?
My main priority is making an impact and to leave my mark on the organization. I am concerned that I won’t have the time or resources to achieve this goal.
I need my staff to understand how NIEM can best be utilized within the organization.
Ideal NIEM Experience
It is not likely that I will seek out NIEM content on my own.
My staff or a peer may suggest that we adopt NIEM. I hope that when they do, they can clearly articulate the value of NIEM.
“Results are what I’m after.”
NIEM Resources for Executives
I want to successfully manage and execute my program while minimizing my time to market. I want to do this with the most flexibility.
I need to understand the value of NIEM and be able to defend the NIEM choice to my boss.
I understand that the complexity of my project increases as the number of stakeholders involved increases.
What are her motivations?
What are her frustrations?
Ideal NIEM Experience
I can leverage best practices from other organizations and share what mine is doing using NIEM.
My team can easily ramp on on NIEM.
I can easily get access to and understand how to use the Cost Model and the NIEM Engagement Process.
"I care about mission success and delivering results while keeping in mind quality, cost, and schedule."
I am a career government employee. I manage several mission spanning projects within my organization. In my role, I provide strategic and tactical program oversight. This includes managing the budget and timeline for each of my projects.
My age is 45
I live in Washington, DC
My job title is a Program Manager
I work for a federal agency
My technical comfort is MEDIUM
What is her story?
Who is Susan?
I sometimes wonder whether NIEM is the right choice.
I worry that I am not technically savvy enough to really understand NIEM. I hope there is training I can take to get me up to speed.
How does NIEM fit into my overall program?
My age is 35
I live in Seattle, Washington
My job title is Enterprise Architect
I work for a city government agency
My technical comfort is HIGH
Who is Tom?
What is his story?
What are his motivations?
What are his frustrations?
Ideal NIEM Experience
I want to understand an existing enterprise model that has proven to be successful (Case Studies).
I care about usage patterns of successful implementations (SOA/ESBs, web services).
I want to ensure that the architectural approach is consistent with my organization's mandated processes and standards.
I care about my organization's mission, and I want to use technology to drive progress.
Enterprise Architect
Tom Jones
“I want to use my technology expertise to align my organization's interests with a technology strategy.”
How does NIEM fit within my existing and/or future architecture?
There are a lot of competing standards out there. Will NIEM fit with my capabilities and architectural approaches and systems?
I am a career “govie” and used to be a developer. I am very technically savvy because of my long standing IT background. I manage a small team and act as the go-between for my developers and my program managers. I am passionate about technology.
My age is 27
I live in Chicago, Illinois
My job title is Software Developer
I work for a consulting firm
My technical comfort is HIGH
Vijay Singh
“The fastest and easiest way to get my job done is the best way for me."
I have eight years of experience as a developer and have designed and developed software using Java and XML, including EDI and HL7 converters, schema management software, and XML transformation software. The last five years have been in a government contractor role.
What are his motivations?
What are his frustrations?
Ideal NIEM Experience
I want access to technical trainings that will help me ramp up on NIEM.
I want easy access to tools and resources that will help me build exchanges more efficiently.
I want to get connected with other NIEM developers who can help me troubleshoot issues.
When I run into an issue, I'm not sure who can I reach out to. Is there a community of NIEM developers out there?
I would like to see more robust NIEM tools.
NIEM training is quite lengthy, and sometimes I just want a quick explanation for a specific issue.
I am looking for the “path of least resistance”, meaning the fastest and easiest way to develop exchanges.
I depend on good technical specs because they are my blueprint for building exchanges.
I want to ramp up on NIEM fast and stay current on new developments.
Who is Vijay?
What is his story?
Who is Jessica?
My age is 30
I live in Los Angeles, CA
My job title is System Developer
I work for a county office
My technical comfort is HIGH
What is her story?
I run the support team for an enterprise system that uses NIEM. As a part of my job, I help to onboard new downstream systems so I am very much involved in updating and maintaining NIEM-based exchanges. I have a lot of technical experience and used to be a database developer.
What are her motivations?
I am excited about reuse capabilities because it can make my job easier.
I like that NIEM is in a machine readable format.
I am interested in the “How To” of NIEM, and I primarily look for resources that will help me solve a specific technical problem.
What are her frustrations?
Sometimes I have difficulty synching NIEM-based exchanges to legacy systems because of different modeling styles.
I use the NIEM model to create a NIEM-based exchange but how do I know if I am NIEM conformant and does it matter if I'm not?
Ideal NIEM Experience
Better accessibility of NIEM resources including more technical trainings, a more responsive help desk, and quicker access to NIEM resource documents.
I would like to be able to connect with other NIEM users to discuss and troubleshoot issues.
“NIEM is a part of the system that I maintain so I need to know enough to use it.”
Who is Norm?
My age is 45
I live in Baltimore, MD
My job title is Sales Manager
I work for a technology services company
My technical comfort is HIGH
What is his story?
I work for a technology services company. I sell a NIEM-based case management solution and I am working on a NIEM-UML plug in. I used to develop software for a private security firm, then moved on to work in the law enforcement space. I heard about NIEM from law enforcement customers who were using GJXDM, and I thought I could make their work easier.

What are his motivations?
I want my customers to fulfill their needs.
I want the market to have access to my tools and solutions.
I want NIEM to be flexible and cutting edge enough that it (and my tools and solutions) are useful to a wide audience.
What are his frustrations?
There’s no way to discover what’s out there in terms of methods and tools for implementing NIEM.
I’m unsure whether is a market out there for me to develop additional NIEM tools and solutions.
“It’s difficult to discover what already exists for NIEM users.”
Ideal Experience
A strong Tools Catalog with easy access to my (and other people’s) products.
Easy and open access to the technical side of NIEM with resources to figure out how to get started and how to evaluate your work.
NIEM is a long-term investment and a strategic decision. Over time, implementing NIEM will minimize time-to-market and save money when adding new partners.
Key Message for Executives
To search and discover who uses NIEM go to https://www.niem.gov/map.
"The Magic of NIEM" Video
Donna Roy, NIEM Executive Director, draws an analogy between NIEM and a bank card transaction, both of which use the power of a common language to enable the cross-jurisdictional exchange of information, while protecting the information's integrity.
Help us supercharge NIEM outreach and overall understanding of NIEM within your community. Visit the NIEM web page below for a collection of resources that can help you explain what NIEM is, how it works, and the benefits it offers. This is a great resource for everyone in the community.
NIEM Resource for Program Managers
NIEM can make your job easier by helping teams build exchanges in less time, for less money time. When developing solutions with NIEM, you only need to know your language and NIEM.
Key Message for Program Manager
The NIEM Roadmap to Adoption includes information about the NIEM Engagement Process and the NIEM Cost Model. It is available at https://www.niem.gov/roadmaptoadoption.
NIEM Resources for Developers
Tools and support are available to make exchange development easier and faster. NIEM exchanges and components are also reusable.
Key Message for Developers
All things technical NIEM
NIEM Resources for Implementers
NIEM lowers the costs of maintenance in comparison to legacy formats.

Key Message for Implementers
All things technical NIEM including:
Getting Started
NIEM 3.0
Current Releases
References & Specifications
NIEM Engagement Process
Key Message for Architects
NIEM offers a better way to exchange data and is adaptable; you can modify or add new capabilities to an existing exchange and NIEM-based exchanges and components are reusable.
NIEM Resources for Architects
Free online training is available at https://www.niem.gov/training.
NIEM 101 - Technical Introduction to NIEM
NIEM 300 - IEPD Discovery and Development
NIEM 303 - Assemble, Publish and Implement an IEPD
All things technical NIEM including:
Getting Started
NIEM 3.0
Current Releases
References & Specifications
Key Message for Tools and Solutions Providers
NIEM can be an avenue to connect with customers who have an interest in information sharing capabilities.
NIEM Resources for Tools and Solutions Providers
NIEM Tools Catalog - Submit a Tool
"Industry Partnership" Video
Donna Roy, NIEM Executive Director, highlights the importance of industry partnerships for the NIEM program.
For more NIEM videos visit:
NIEM Help Desk
NIEM Help Desk
NIEM Tools Catalog
Free NIEM Training and Webinars
Learn more about NIEM!
Need to brush up on your NIEM knowledge? NIEM Trainings are available for free via NIEM.gov.

Designed for both technical and non-technical audiences, the NIEM Training curriculum spans all things NIEM—from the basics to advanced technical implementation.
How can we use Personas?
Why create Personas?
The ultimate goal of user personas is to increase NIEM community engagement and awareness.
What is the NIEM User Persona Toolkit?
How can you use the Toolkit?
The Toolkit describes six main NIEM User Personas and provides links to helpful communications resources for each.
To understand the various types of NIEM users, and their motivations and frustrations.
As a resource that summarizes key messages and identifies useful communications materials for each NIEM User Persona.
To develop audience-specific, targeted messages that will increase NIEM awareness and community engagement. They will ensure that interactions and messaging with the NIEM community are tailored appropriately.
Free online training is available at https://www.niem.gov/training.
NIEM 100 - NIEM General Overview
NIEM 101 - Technical Introduction to NIEM

Free online training is available at https://www.niem.gov/training.
NIEM 100 - NIEM General Overview
NIEM 200 - NIEM Project Management
Available case studies at https://www.niem.gov/map.
Have an implementation need but no NIEM guidance exists? Visit https://www.niem.gov/designpatterns
Free online training is available at https://www.niem.gov/training.
NIEM 100 - NIEM General Overview
NIEM 101 - Technical Introduction to NIEM
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