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Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?

A presentation for my Theory of Knowledge Assessment.

Noelle Panlilio

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?

Has Political Correctness
Gone Mad? What is political correctness? How successful have its ethics been in moderating societal conformity?? How ethically sincere is political correctness? What conclusions can be perceived of the impact of political correctness on society? How can we know? How ethically sincere is political correctness? What is political correctness? Alive - temporarily metabolically abled. Dead - living impaired Fat - people of mass Drunk - spatially perplexed Homeless - residentially flexible Housewife - domestic engineer Pregnant - parasitically oppressed Definition of POLITICALLY CORRECT

: conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated

— political correctness (noun) Merriam-Webster 1990 Culture Wars James Davison Hunter Richard Bernstein Caucasian Gender-neutral Holiday Politically correct terms include Intellectually disabled African American Beliefs/Idealogy
Occupation Values and Dignity Immanuel Kant:
no individual should be given special treatment
no individual should be discriminated against
humans have dignity and are therefore irreplaceable and deserve the above treatment. Utilitarianism Concept: Favour: Flaws: "The greatest happiness of the greatest number"
"The least offense to the greatest number" Simple and coherent
Individual judges and consideration
Accounts long-term consequences
Egalitarian How can happiness/offense be measured?
Neglect of obligations and rights (free speech)
Consequence? Negative vs Positive Connotations Motives Politically
TV Show
positive self description Stereotypical or Demeaning Avoids pejorative labels
Conscious thought
Individuality How successful have its ethics been in moderating societal conformity? Niggardly stingy Retard Formalities Awareness & Consciousness What conclusions can be perceived of the impact of PC on society? James Mullin:
"I think political correctness is a terrible idea." Janet Albrechsten (The Australian):
"Political correctness seems to march to an imbecilic beat."
"Political correctness is a heresy if we are truly committed to liberalism"
"The PC crowd is clever. They know there are no useful legal tests about hurt feelings and inciting hate."
"Opponents aren't wrong, they're evil."
"Free speech must include the right to offend." Wendy Mccarthy (Financial Review):
"For those who sneered at the idea of political correctness, I say bring it back and return to respectful political discourse."
"The responses to our questions were gobsmacking and illustrated the lack of understanding politicians (men) had about the aspirations of women." Craig Platt (Sydney Morning Herald):
"Family Guy, or South Park for that matter...Both shows regularly take shots at minorities – African-Americans, Asians, Jews, Hispanics. And yet no one seems to get upset."
"It makes me wonder whether the US is either far ahead of us in some kind of post-political-correctness era when it comes to comedy ... or actually really far behind." Joseph Cotto (The Washington Times):
"In some ways, it can help us avoid awkward situations. After all, if we have no guide for proper etiquette or at least a sense of common courtesy, then such a deficit is nothing to champion." Me:
While it's useful in cases of courtesy and the ethos about valuing each individual is, in my opinion, morally correct... I think its impact on society is excessive.
So many conflicting views.
Exploitation Yeah...
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