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18 Minute TED talk

No description

CNAP Research

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of 18 Minute TED talk

Cindy Wolff The Global Obesity Bomb
Accounts for 1/3 of all deaths Obesity Prevalence Sitting is a dangerous risk factor for
early death, on par with smoking and
being obese. Behavioral Economics: Identifying biases to explain why people make harmful health decisions Toys increase children's selection of healthier fast food meals It's not about willpower:
We live in an obesogenic world 140 excess calories/day Default Bias Selecting what we perceive to be the automatic choice If we make unhealthy choices because
they're convenient, convenience
needs to be the focus. Pouring on the Pounds aec-usa.com aptnewyork.com linearism.org circumboreal.wordpress.com yyqdls.cn kids-health-guide.com Adult
66% examiner.com behealthy.baystatebanner.com Youth
40% Designing Nudges toward Healthier Choices http://www.flickr.com Will children choose healthier meals when toys are offered? dallasnews.com ecopreneurist.com buzz.bitesizemovie.com Nudges Work Menu labels nudge calories down Parking a bike vs. car
Water fountain vs. buying soda tripwow.tripadvisor.com Let's "reform the norm" and expect healthy food and active living

Thoughtful designs can nudge us toward healthier choices en.wikipedia.org We can't afford "business as usual" Blood Pressure Increases with Weight We need to rethink
what we think people want People do not want to:
Sit all day at work
Have to select from poor choices
Be fat
Have diabetes As dreamers, thinkers and doers, we are the choice architects Thoughtful designs of the physical architecture can nudge us to healthier default choices
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