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No description

Andrea Carvajal

on 12 August 2015

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Transcript of C.T.P DOS CERCAS

PROFESSOR: Reinner Little Mckenzie
SUB-AREA: Translation and Interpreting  GROUP # 3
MEMBERS: Melissa Cerdas Jimenez
Andrea Carvajal Camacho
Aarón Rodriguez Mata
Angie Díaz Madrigal
Daniela Montano Passapera
II Trimester


It concludes that the stereotypes aren’t true at all because people get confused with this definition.
People also think some women wears provoke clothes to call the attention, while the others think they dress that way because they like it.
People think that women are not pure despite of they dress in the correct way. The majority of people consider that may be a determinate factor to choose
The interviewers deliberate that is not necessary women are extremely thin to be perfect, but also others think the contrary.
About the plastic surgeries many people consider that women do that to be accepted by society and the minority think that don’t do it for that reason,
Level of cleavage, skirt and heels don’t define the respect women deserve.
The women are the weak gender of the society
In general conclusion, it prove the society have a wrong concept of what stereotypes are.
Also the stereotypes of women tried to become like a Barbie.

The ethics and the values can`t be established by the way of the women vestment, seizures of cleavage, heels and make-up.
The society shouldn`t judge the women by their emotions in their period, the women have rights for changing their humor is part of themselves
Companies should pay equally to women because they have the same capacity of make a work than men.
Don’t sexualize and judge women for their appearance; they can be thin or chunky and they are beautiful in all ways.
Just be yourself, don’t tried to accomplished what the society wants, don’t worried about what everyone can says about you.

“Women are supposed to have clean jobs such as secretaries, teachers, and librarians.”
Sources: Brewer (2012); Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. (2012)

“Sex discrimination in employment refers to any discriminatory practices, statements, actions...''
(Diamant & Lee, 2002)

“The woman who uses her brain loses her mammary function first and had little hope to be other than a moral and medical freak.”
(Hall, 1905)

“Female students were concluded to be pale, in delicate health and prey to monstrous deviations from menstrual regularity.”
(Clarke, 1873, last printing 1963!)

“Women are closer to children and savages than to an adult civilized man.”
(Le Bon, 1879, reported in Gould, 1981)
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