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Mrs. Dalloway; Plot Analysis

No description

madison hathaway

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Mrs. Dalloway; Plot Analysis

All events during the present take place over one day; mid-June, 1923
flashbacks take place during the 1889's, a summer in Bourton when Clarissa was 18 years old.
Clarissa and Septimus both out for walk; both hear car backfire.
Peter Walsh visits Clarissa for first time in years.
Richard gives flowers to Clarissa, and then leaves.
Dalloway discusses with Elizabeth (her daughter) about her romantic relationship with Ms. Kilman. Afterwards, Dalloway reflects on religion.
Party begins, Dalloway greets her guests.
Dalloway hears about the death of Septimus from Sir William Bradshaw as he was one of his patients.
Overall, the plot of the novel happens chronologically outside of time.
Chronology of Events
the past of the characters in both novels significantly contribute to the plot. How each character reflects on past is represented in different methods. In Wuthering Heights, there were large gaps of time. In Mrs. Dalloway, every moment that passes is discussed in the novel.
Conflicts & pairings
Communication vs Privacy
Social presentation vs. Personal presentation of self
Dreams vs. Reality
Woolf places us in the heads of characters who are unknowing to a situation.
eg. the motor car in the street
certain situations that were led up to in detail were left ambiguous.
lack of chapters; readers forced to keep reading.
Significant passage
"People must notice; people must see.... She must take him away into some park." (pg.15)
Method of suspense
Ties back to Communications vs. Privacy
Stream of consciousness
Punctuation; connects her thoughts
Narrative Technique
Stream of consciousness; flows together; constantly switches from first to third person
Narrative style is different for Woolf's time
Allows readers to see past the social mask of the characters
The reality of life
No bias
Omnicient narrator remains anonymous
Dalloway, Septimus and Peter are the main perspectives.
Clocks & time on a life of their own
No chapters
Focuses on reflection, not dialogue
Connection to Characters
Virginia Woolf eloquently uses the Chronology of events, narrative technique, conflicts and pairings and methods of suspense to relay a deeper meaning of the social constructs in this period of time.
Mrs. Dalloway; Plot Analysis
By Paige, Erika, Andrew & Madison
Chronology compared to Wuthering Heights
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